A generation of leisure and a generation of gods, this generation is the turn of Fall Guys

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Although “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” is a multiplayer brawl through a variety show, it is still a casual game in the final analysis.

In the game circle, there is a saying of “a generation of leisure and a generation of gods” for a long time. Every generation has its popular casual games. The market prospects and influence of casual games are also known to those game manufacturers. What is more commendable is Casual games have high user retention and low development costs. It can be said that the development of casual games itself is a big bet with small bets.

In the field of casual games, many people make a lot of money. For example, Plants vs. Zombies, Angry Birds, etc., not only the games are popular all over the world, the income from their IP culture and peripheral products is enough to make the industry bigwigs jealous, and even some countries have specially revised relevant laws for them, but Are casual games really that easy to do?

Casual games are the derivatives of creativity from the source. Creativity is used to promote the development of games, so as to maintain their own high-viscosity characteristics of game users. The decline of casual games is generally due to two points. The first is the exhaustion of creativity. Secondly, the structure of the game itself is too small, subject to many restrictions, such as bubble hall and running karting.

In fact, casual games have the same characteristics as Internet celebrities. With their fame and popularity, they are more of the same kind of decline and capital’s favor. This is the so-called heat. Once the heat subsides, the next lucky person is waiting. .

The rise of “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” itself is traceable. “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” itself is a creative work, and it is also very well produced. Maybe some people will say that it is a variety show of real people. The game is a kind of creativity, but I want to say that this small inspiration has been beyond the reach of most people in their lifetime, not to mention that there is a gap in the middle than thought.

We can see that there are many other shadows in “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout”, such as Bean Man, tearing up famous brands, and even some elements of eating chicken. The game structure of “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” determines that it can be like Like a sponge to absorb classic gameplay and interesting programs from other fields, I wouldn’t be surprised that one day, “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” has clashes and classic werewolf games similar to billiards.

“If you want to wear a crown, you must go to chaos.” This sentence is a good interpretation of the game content of “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout”, coupled with the naive and cute appearance, plus the gameplay that can frame your opponents. The spoofed psychology of some players, the game’s playability and experience is simply perfect, so the popularity of “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” is natural.

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