Age of Empires II: Age of Kings

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The full name of “Age of Empires II” is “Age of Empires II: Age of Kings”, which is the continuation of the highly acclaimed real-time strategy game “Age of Empires” Made. This civilized strategy game produced by Microsoft’s Ensemble Studios covers most of the historical facts of war from the decline of the Roman Empire to the Middle Ages. There are 13 civilizations for players to choose from. Its beautiful game interface, convenient control and operation, and a high degree of manual labor Intelligent, making it the best game of the year in 2000 by “USA TODAY”. In 2013, Microsoft launched “Age of Empires 2: HD Edition” once again set off an empire frenzy.

Game introduction

“Age of Empires Ⅱ: The Age of Kings”, Age of Empires Ⅱ-The Age of Kings), generally abbreviated as AOK, is a real-time strategy game, released in 1999, developed by Ensemble Studios and developed by Microsoft publishing.
In 2001, the only official expansion film “Age of Empires II: The Conquerors” (Age of Empires II: The Conquerors) was launched, which not only added 5 new civilizations and new scenes, but also added a map type And the balance of the game has been further strengthened, making Age of Empires 2 a very outstanding game with an overall structure. There are “Age of Empires 2: Conqueror” projects on WCG in 2000, 2001 and 2002.

Game features

As a real-time strategy game, “Age of Empires II” has its own unique civilization, arms, campaign and spectacle system.

Game settings

The game background design of “Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings” extends from the dark era after the fall of Rome to the Renaissance era. Like most real-time strategies, players must control the villagers to collect resources, build various buildings, upgrade technology and train military units. The ultimate goal is to defeat other players. In the single player mode, players can play against other computers or follow the battles of historical figures in the plot mode. In multiplayer mode, players can play against up to seven other players online.

The most outstanding aspect of Age of Empires 2 is that economic and strategic control are more important than combat tactics. Having a good economic and urban foundation is more important than letting one’s army destroy the enemy with a smaller loss. This feature of Age of Empires 2 is very different from other strategy games that focus on tactical control and emphasize the attributes of units.

Introduction to the campaign

In the plot mode, players can follow the battles of historical figures to learn about them. The campaign consists of several plots, and each plot is usually a famous battle.

Brief introduction of arms

There are many types of arms in the Empire Age, divided into 6 categories and about 70 arms according to their respective levels and combat methods.


The most basic combat unit, produced by the barracks, has 2 types of swordsmen and spearmen


The Sword Soldier series is the main combat unit that consumes the least amount of gold, with a medium attack power, suitable for attacking buildings. Low training price and fast training speed are the advantages of swordsmen. However, there are more types of troops, and too many upgrades are also disadvantages.


The Pikemen series are units that exist to fight against the cavalry troops. In addition, they can only deal with the enemy’s few elite skirmishers. The scout cavalry of the feudal era, the light cavalry, knights, and camel cavalry of the castle era, the cavalry of the emperor era, and the heavy camel cavalry are not the opponents of the pikemen. If you face an opponent like a ranger, you need to invest about 2.5 times the force. The combatant can ensure victory.

Combat units that provide fire support, including four types of archers, spearmen, cavalry archers and musketeers, are produced by the archery range.

The training speed is fast, the attack power is high, and it can fight the enemy infantry well, but the attack effect on the building is poor. When the number increases, the combat effectiveness will increase significantly, and it can cooperate well with other arms to provide sufficient support.


The spearman series, the nemesis of the archer. The confrontation unit in the long-range weapon is also an important unit for the early fast attack in the development mode. Single role. With additional attack power against other long-range weapons and high bow and arrow defense capabilities, they can defeat the bow and arrow troops that consume more gold with a lower training cost and cycle. You can’t just look at the surface data, because the additional damage is still great.

Cavalry Archers

The Cavalry Archer series is the most expensive long-range attack unit for training. Although it costs a lot of gold, its attack power and mobility are excellent. Due to the decrease in attack distance and accuracy, this is before the research on the corresponding technology. Makes their advantage greatly weakened compared to the previous one. It is suitable for fighting slow-moving arms such as infantry and war elephants. It can help cover cavalry against pikemen, but it takes more time to control and dispatch because they have no advantage in close combat. It is also a trump card unit that withdraws while fighting.


Musketeers must study “chemical” technology before production. It is a differentiated class of ordinary archers. The attack interval is increased by 75%. It is relatively slow and has very high attack power. This allows them to get more opportunities than ordinary archers when fighting infantry, but their lives are not high. The accuracy of musketeers’ attacks is poor, and only after reaching a certain number can they have a strong combat effectiveness.


Combat units with high health and excellent mobility are divided into three types: light cavalry, knight, and camel cavalry. They are produced by stables.


The light cavalry series, the fastest moving unit, has a very wide field of vision, and only consumes food during training is also a major advantage. The only weakness is its weak attack power. The light cavalry is mainly used to contain the opponent’s troops, or to attack long-range weapons, monks and villagers. They can also carry out large-scale raids in the castle era (but only suitable for Turkey). Their light cavalry upgrades are free and can be used in the feudal era. Accumulate cavalry. In the castle age, the light cavalry was one of the nemesis of the infantry archers and the cavalry archers, and the effect of raids was very good. Their high mobility can ensure a smooth evacuation from the enemy base. The light cavalry is also suitable for attacking the enemy’s swordsmen. In terms of combat power, they can match the longsword soldiers without special upgrades, but in general, they still do not have the advantage.


The heavy cavalry series, powerful units, with high offensive, defensive and assault capabilities, is the main force of the late army, and the most beautiful and gorgeous unit in the Empire era. I believe that many people like the empire, which has a lot to do with the gorgeous appearance of the ranger. They have good attack effects on almost all arms, and are especially suitable for attacking enemy long-range weapons and siege equipment. Even ordinary knights have more combat power than swordsman warriors. The Rangers of the Imperial Age are the best melee units, able to easily break through the defenses and directly attack the enemy’s hinterland.

Camel Cavalry

The Camel Soldier series, the opposing arms in the cavalry unit, are used to restrain the cavalry unit. The movement speed is slightly faster than the heavy cavalry, which can effectively prevent the enemy’s surprise attack. The difference from other combat arms is that the training of camel soldiers requires gold. Because of its single role and inability to resist the attacks of pikemen, it is rarely used as the main force in actual combat.

Siege weapon

The terminator of buildings, including giant catapults, explosive barrels/breakers, catapults, ballistas, crash vehicles, artillery, produced by siege weapons factories and castles.

Giant trebuchet

A super weapon that only appeared in the imperial era, produced in the castle. Must be deployed to attack. The process of siege and assembly is gorgeous. The attack power is 200. Of course, there are a lot of additional additions to the building. It is the best siege weapon. However, it is almost unrealistic to attack pawns because the attack cycle is too long and there is also the shortest attack range. It is suitable to bring more than 3 siege, and protect the units with high mobility.

Explosive barrel/breaker

The suicide attack units that appeared in “Age of Empires 2: The Conqueror” are produced from castles and can be killed with the enemy using kamikaze tactics. Under the premise that the brigade is not able to attack the city, 5~10 explosive barrels can be used to disturb the enemy’s sight, because 5~10 attack together is enough to destroy a castle. The effect is not obvious in the Legion War. The appearance and usage method of the saboteur and the explosive barrel are the same, but the destructive power is more significant and cannot be produced, and can only be obtained through the preset game process.

Crash car

The crash vehicle, produced by the siege weapon factory, is suitable for carrying 5 siege engines, but it moves too slowly and needs high-mobility protection, just like artillery. In “Age of Empires 2: Conqueror”, the crash vehicle can be loaded with infantry, speeding up and increasing power, which is quite useful.


The catapult series, produced by the siege weapon manufacturer, can be forcefully attacked. A good weapon for archers and spears, the disadvantage is that it is too slow (except Mongolia), the distance of the Korean catapult is +2 (the team is +1), and the attack speed of the Celtic catapult is high.


The light siege weapon is produced by the siege weapon manufacturer. The only advantage is that the soldiers cannot be injured by firing during the melee. The disadvantage is that the upgrade is too expensive, the speed is too slow, the blood is too little, the defense is too low, etc.


The powerful siege weapon is produced by the siege weapon manufacturer. Like the Musketeer, it needs to research “chemical” technology (Turkey does not need to be upgraded). It can force the attack and is very slow, but it is an excellent unit for destroying buildings.

Introduction to Wonders

Each nation in the game can build different spectacles. In the normal win mode, players build a spectacle and save the victory that will be won after 400 years. Similarly, your opponent builds a spectacle and saves it for 400 years and you lose. So when the player builds a spectacle, the opponent will actively attack your spectacle. If the opponent builds a spectacle, the player will destroy it within 400 years.

Game version

Age of Empires II has two versions, the original Emperor Century and the expansion pack Conqueror, and there is also a new IOS version released in 2012.

Age of Empires II: Conqueror

In 2001, another expansion film “Century Empire II: Invasion of the Conquerors” (Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion) was released, generally abbreviated as AOC, adding new civilizations and New units and unique technologies have been added to each civilization. In 2012, Age of Empires 2 will launch a new information chapter, the Forgotten Empire, which adds a new civilization and support for widescreen resolution and Windows7.

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