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“Arknights” is a domestically-made strategic business game developed by Eagle Corner Network, and it will be publicly tested on May 1, 2019.

In the game, the player will act as the leader of Rhode Island, “Doctor”, leading a group of operators in Rhode Island to rescue the victims, deal with ore disputes, and fight the integration movement. In the intricate power game, find a way to cure the mineral disease.

Background setting

Source stone

There is a kind of mineral ubiquitous in Terra World, most of which are black translucent crystals. The source stone contains huge energy, which is the primary factor causing natural disasters. Usually used in the field of spells, it is the basic material and catalyst for the manufacture of various surgical tools and spell props. Without the aid of the source stone, the use efficiency of the spell will be greatly reduced. Now, with the innovation of Yuanshi engine technology, more and more Yuanshi is used as energy in various countries.

Natural disaster

The collective term for various natural disasters that frequently occur in Terra World. Including but not limited to storms, snow disasters, heavy rainfall, floods, and even meteorite falls. The frequency of natural disasters is very high, and the rules are also elusive, leading most civilizations to avoid natural disasters by migrating throughout the city. After natural disasters, a mineral called source stone is often left behind. Studies have shown that natural disasters may actually be a medium of transmission for the source rock.

Ore disease

It has been discovered that long-term exposure to source rocks and their industrial derivatives will make people more likely to get an incurable disease called “ore disease.” People suffering from mineral disease are called “infected”. Mineral disease can enhance the ability of people to use spells in a dangerous way, but it will continue to expand the scope of infection of mineral disease during the process of using spells, and eventually take the lives of the infected and use it as a new source of infection. There have been many long-term studies on this disease, but there are not many effective results.

Rhodes Island

Rhode Island Pharmaceuticals is a registered pharmaceutical research and development company. Rhode Island claims in public information that it is studying medical solutions that can be applied to the problems encountered by various countries, organizations or individuals. Therefore, it recruits talents in various countries, regardless of seniority or infection. At the same time, Rhode Island also provides its employees with good medical and living conditions and the most advanced research equipment, which has attracted many desperately infected people and capable people who are determined to change the situation of infected people.

Integrated movement

Natural disasters of unknown origin and raging everywhere, a large number of mysterious minerals appeared on the land that has swept across them-known as “source stones”. Although the discovery of the source stone has a long history, it relies on technological progress and the energy contained in it has enabled civilization to enter the modern era. At the same time, the source stone itself has spawned the existence of “infected”. These existences with strength and misfortune, some of them are now trying to integrate with the source stone to bring a new order to the earth. This conspiracy of war created new obstacles in the fight against natural disasters.

Character setting


In the game, the manipulable characters sent by the players not only have different personalities, but also have their own specialties when fighting the enemy. They are divided into pioneers, guards, heavy equipment, snipers, specials, medical treatments, technicians, and assistants. A total of eight occupations.


There are many types of monsters in the game, which can be divided into melee and long-range according to their attack methods, and light and heavy according to their body weight. Different monsters have different characteristics and unique abilities.

Item props

The props in the game can be divided into four categories: combat records, chips, materials, and search credentials.
All of the above items can be purchased in the procurement center with different currencies such as qualification certificates, credit, and pure source stone. Among them, the search certificate items can only be obtained through the procurement center or purchase gift packages. The rest of the props can be obtained from different resource copies in the game.

In addition, since the merchandise in the purchasing center is randomly refreshed and the opening hours of different copies are different, some items may not be available at any time. The commodity refresh cycle in the voucher area in the purchasing center is 30 days, while the commodity refresh cycle in the credit store is 24 hours.

Scene map

Rhode Island

Rhode Island is divided into main interface and infrastructure. Players can conduct operator training, check warehouses, and initiate operations on the main interface.

Infrastructure functions are relatively complex, consisting of a control center and several rooms. Players can consume drones and infrastructure materials to upgrade them. The level of the control center determines the number of buildings that can be built. This scene provides players with ways to produce resources, synthesize materials, obtain Dragon Coins and strengthen the skills of operators.

Featured System

Game mode

Normal level

Before the battle begins, players should make a reasonable formation of their operators and choose appropriate skills.
After the battle begins, the player needs to deploy an operator to defend according to the enemy’s attacking direction, and at the same time, if the cost allows, select the corresponding professional operator to join the battle according to the type of monster. When the enemy is completely eliminated, if the player’s defense value is not 0, the battle is won; if the player’s defense value is full, you can get a 3-star rating and additional rewards.

Crisis contract

In the crisis contract activities, players need to choose the contract matching according to the task requirements or team configuration. Different contracts will provide a crisis level of 1~3. The higher the total crisis level, the greater the difficulty of customs clearance, and the contract rewards can be obtained after customs clearance. The more gold, the contract bounty can be exchanged for various materials in the Secret Sanctuary.

During the opening period of the crisis contract event, there will be a main map and several rotating maps for players to challenge. After the end of each crisis contract, the main map and limited-time exchange will be closed, and the rotating map will remain open for players to practice.

Mission system

The task system has three parts: trainee tasks, daily tasks, weekly tasks and main tasks. Daily tasks will be reset at 4 am every day, and weekly tasks will be reset at 4 am every Monday.

Players can obtain mission seals by completing various mission objectives such as killing a specific number of enemies, three-star evaluation of clearance dungeons, and strengthening operators, so as to receive rewards such as dragon coins, combat records, and materials in daily/weekly missions. For trainee/main-line missions, players need to complete missions such as attacking specific levels or manufacturing specific materials to obtain rewards or unlock the next stage of missions.

Resource system

Players can build manufacturing stations, processing stations and power stations in the Rhode Island infrastructure scene. The manufacturing station can produce items such as red gold, combat records, and chipsets at the cost of a specific time. The processing station can process a number of low-level materials by consuming Longmen coins to turn them into high-level materials.
The power station provides electricity for other facilities, and its level restricts the upgrade of other facilities; at the same time, the level of the power station affects the charging speed of the drone, and operators with corresponding skills can also make the drone more rechargeable. rapid. UAVs can be used to accelerate the acquisition of trade war orders or the production of materials at manufacturing stations.

Players can upgrade the manufacturing station and processing station to obtain more advanced material manufacturing/processing recipes and expand the upper limit of the number of operators stationed in the station. The upper limit of the trade station and the manufacturing station is 3, and the upper limit of personnel is 3 people.

Trust system

Trust is an important way to improve the strength of operators and receive limited furniture. As the trust increases, the operator will get additional attack, life and other attribute bonuses. When the trust value reaches 100%, the attribute bonus will also reach the peak value. The operator trust value is up to 200%. When the operator is used as a support unit by other players, the trust value will be reduced to 50% of the original. In addition, after the total trust of each squad or force reaches a specific value, players can obtain specific furniture decorations.

Game Reviews

Most of the UI base colors in “Arknights” are the simplest black and white, and various icons are only composed of simple lines and graphics. The combination of these simple design elements may seem random, but in fact it has great advantages: the black and white base makes the main elements in the picture more prominent, and even the most detailed parts can be perceived by the player for the first time; simplified to the extreme The icon clearly conveys all the information to the player without much textual description. At the same time, the flexible and changeable venue mechanism makes the non-traditional tower defense game mechanism of “Arknights” that has been turned into chess to a certain extent, adding the fun of real-time strategy, and the depth of the game is further enhanced.

“Arknights” has a unique art style that is different from similar games. It also has a detailed plot and world view. At the same time, it adopts a tower defense style of gameplay. The combination of various characteristics produces a unique game experience. This advantage attracts a lot of Player attention.

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