Arma 3

Action Game

Arma 3) is a tactical action game, set in the Mediterranean islands. This series is the orthodox sequel to “Operation Flashpoint” and the civilian commercial version of the commercial virtual military training platform “VBS3”, although it is more real than the military version The degree has dropped a lot, but it is still called military simulation software rather than a game by players. This game uses the original Real Virtuality 4 simulation game engine of Bohemia Studios, and the game also upgraded the physics technology from PhysX 2.0 to PhysX 3.0.

World Background

In the Aegean Sea, the stalemate between NATO and the Iranian armed forces is heating up. A strategic fault line has been formed between the continuous decline of European influence and the powerful rise of the East. But when a key radar facility fell off the power grid, Greece became the ignition point for a global conflict.

As the situation is far beyond control, a group of soldiers from the 7th Infantry Division in despair seeking to retreat, and a small group of UKSF secret operations teams will fight for survival together. They only have the support of a small local resistance force, and must quickly adapt to the situation, overcome difficult circumstances, and defeat ferocious enemies.

After years of fierce war with the Eastern armed forces, Europe has become the last pillar of the NATO army that suffered heavy losses. Faced with the situation on the verge of being driven into the sea, NATO commanders took an almost desperate move. They pinned their hopes on a strictly protected military secret: Operation “Magnitude”. A small special force and researchers were sent to a Mediterranean island deep behind enemy lines. However, the mission plan was leaked and the mission force was annihilated. The surviving Captain “Scott Miller” (the person who was revealed in the previous “hacking incident”) was washed up on the enemy island. He is determined to continue this task as best he can. He will face a dangerous modern war, an unknown world, and the consequences of his decision…

Game Introduction:

Experience a real combat game in a large military sandbox. This is the best PC military game. It deploys a wide variety of single player and multiplayer content, more than 20 vehicles and more than 40 weapons, and unlimited content creation opportunities. Realistic, diverse and open-Arma 3 will send you to war.

Main features in Arma 3

Altis and Stratis

Defeat the enemy on the detailed open battlefield-the Mediterranean island terrain of more than 290 square kilometers. From vast cities to rolling hills, whether it’s driving tanks on dusty plains, flying transport helicopters over dense forests, or fighting asymmetric wars from rocky mountains, the islands Altis and Stratis are a vibrant world , Suitable for participating in the game in various forms.

Weapons and vehicles

Enter combat on foot, drive armored vehicles or fly into the sky in helicopters and jets. Conduct mixed weapon attacks on air, land and sea. There are more than 20 vehicles for driving and maneuvering, more than 40 kinds of weapons to choose from, and equipment that can be customized with short-range and long-range accessories, as well as those that meet the needs of the battlefield. Various types of equipment. Arma 3’s large-scale arsenal is at your disposal, bringing you plenty of tactical opportunities.

Single-player game

Learn about the story of Ben Kerry, a soldier involved in the turmoil in the Mediterranean, in the three game-driven chapters of “Survival”, “Adaptation”, and “Winning”. Immerse yourself in different games of Arma 3 by completing key display scenes. Complete competitive shooting drills from start to finish to hone your shooting and movement skills, and complete the training by signing up for Arma 3 Bootcamp with SP and MP tutorials and a dedicated virtual reality practice environment.

Multiplayer game

Fight online in Arma 3, a large military sandbox. Form teams and unite against enemy forces in the official Defend and Seize multiplayer scenarios. Or jump into one of the many unofficial popular game modes developed by the Arma 3 community. Experience a new form of multiplayer game in Arma 3 Zeus, where the Game Master can influence the battlefield of other players in real time.

Content creation

Use Arma 3’s intuitive scene editor and powerful editing tools to start creating your own experience. Enjoy a platform full of player-created content, from custom weapons and vehicles to intense single-player game scenes and new multiplayer game modes. Share and discover content on the Arma 3 Steam Workshop. You can install player-created content with the click of a button.

Refurbished engine

Travel through the battlefield with smooth new animations; experience the devastating combat power with an upgraded sound engine, new ragdoll simulation and PhysX-supported vehicles. Driven by disruptive innovations, the highly modifiable Real Virtuality 4 engine provides the new generation of Arma with more beautiful patterns, extensive simulation games and a large number of sandbox terrain.

Game Reviews

“ARMA 3” is a deeply realistic military game that encourages players to find their own pleasure in a huge open world. The game has a large number of extremely realistic weapons and equipment, which requires players to put in considerable effort and patience to master it. The multiplayer mode of the game is amazing and absolutely original, but there are still many shortcomings in the operation that cannot be prevaricated with the excuse of “simulating reality”.

IGN gave a score of 7 points.


Almost endless game content
A huge map
Unique simulation experience


Hard to get started
Multiplayer games are not easy to master
Rating: 7.0 points good

“Armed Assault 3” is a military simulation game with magnificent graphics and full details, encouraging players to have fun in the game.

General comment

The complexity of “Armed Assault 3” is a double-edged sword. It takes a long time for players to master the rhythm of the game. But once you are familiar with the mechanics of the game, you can experience unprecedented large-scale battles in the game. Poor sound effects and slightly rough map details can be forgiven, and the almost endless content allows players to stick to it.

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