As the inheritor of the classic FPS, why is CSGO so successful?

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The name of CS is believed to be heard by every player, as the most classic and representative FPS game in the history of game development. The impact of CS on the game field can be said to be very huge. Various FPS games that will be launched later will also be affected by CS. The most famous of them are “Cross Fire” and “CS: Online”. “CS: GO”.

Compared with “CS: OL”, the overall quality improvement of “CS: GO” is not only reflected in the image quality, but also reflected in the fairness of the gameplay. The gun buying mechanism and character model of “CS:GO” are almost perfect to restore the old version of “CS”. In terms of balance, the weapons that all players can buy are the same, and there will be no powerful or bullets. A large number of “artifacts” appear, and the only place where you can spend money in “CS: GO” is to add skins to your weapons by opening the box, or to obtain some beautiful daggers and gloves, and these items will not With any attribute bonus, it is just a personalized performance.

It is precisely because of such fairness that this “CS” inheritance work can be so successful and so loved by players. Of course, some details, innovative elements and gameplay in the game are not necessarily mentioned. First of all, the game’s paintings The quality is almost true. The details of cans, leather balls, buildings, firearms, and even flowers and plants on the ground are all very real, and they will all fluctuate under the influence of external factors.

And when the player character walks on top of the board, steel plate and other terrain, different sounds will be made, and the details can be said to be in place. The innovative gameplay is reflected in the “creative workshop” in the game. If a few years ago or more than a decade ago, I believe no one would have thought that one day players could actually play backgammon, break through, and climb in FPS games. Tree or fighting! “CS: GO” officially will not only prepare a large number of interesting maps in the creative workshop, but also welcome players to make their own maps, MODs, etc. for other players to play.

It can be seen that if a classic game is to be favored by players for long-term development, in addition to retaining the original core, it is absolutely inseparable from innovation in various aspects such as content.

In short, CS:GO has done a very good job of continuing the classic and innovative content, which is also worth learning from other games. No matter what type of game it is, only by keeping the core of the gameplay and actively innovating, will it not be eliminated by the times and players.

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