“Batman: Gotham Knights” announced for the Batman series of rumored works, expected to be released in 2021

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Also at the DC Fandome event, Warner Bros. Games Montreal Studios, which was responsible for the development of “Batman: Arkham Origins”, unveiled their new work “Gotham Knights”, based on the Gotham after Batman’s death The city is the stage, mainly describing the battle stories of Robin, Bat Girl, Nightwing and Red Hood.

This time the official is more kind. The content announced not only introduces the world view and storyline, but also includes a live demonstration video. You can see the action performance of the character in the actual game process and some system demonstrations, such as open outdoor spaces. The different abilities and weapon effects between the characters, support for online two-player cooperative games, custom appearance system, etc., the whole environment gives a feeling of depression and darkness, which is more in line with the imagination of some original fans.

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