Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2

Strategy Game

Adapted from the well-known board game of Games Workshop, the new real-time strategy game “Gothic Fleet: Amada 2” brings you epic space battles in the “Warhammer: 40,000” universe.

Based on the first game, “Gothic Battleship: Amada 2” has expanded into a complete and mature sequel with greater ambitions, with a larger scale, richer content, and a more impressive impression. When the game is released, it will include all 12 factions in the original board game and the board game expansion pack: Empire Fleet, Star Warrior, Mechanical Cult, Space Necromancer, Chaos Force, Spirit Pirate, Spirit Family Ark World, Dark Spirit Family , Titanium merchants and escort fleets and Orcs, as well as the long-awaited Tyrann.

In the universe of “Warhammer: 40,000”, there was a gathering of storms and the 13th Black Jihad event. The game takes this dramatic story development as the background, and brings players three dynamic battles with a large scale, focusing on the Tyrannical Zerg, the Space Necromancer and the Empire camp, with extremely high narrative value. Explore the galaxy in the eyes of fear, unite or fight against famous characters such as Belisariu Kaul and Kiriman, and so on.

“Gothic Battleship: Amada 2” has a larger battle scale, better production of the game, and improved multiplayer game mode, making the online game experience better and more balanced. The game has been overall improved, adding more customization options for fleets and ships, and you will surely enjoy the ultimate “Warhammer: 40,000” space combat experience.

Main Features of the Game

• The ultimate “Warhammer: 40,000” space military war experience
• All 12 factions from the original board game
• Three dynamic single player campaigns (Tayron, Space Necromancer and Empire faction)
• Epic battle scenes and larger fleets, complete and mature ambitions
• Optimize and improve the gaming experience, including new spaceship customization options
• Improved multiplayer game mode and game features, presenting a better online gaming experience
• Produced by Games Workshop, the first game based on the new story of “Storm Gathering”


“Big, beautiful, dramatic RTS campaigns with weighty, satisfying combat.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“A treat for fans of Warhammer and the space combat genre in general.”

“Not only [does it] nail the universe, the ships, and the tactics, but it looks and sounds amazing while doing so.”

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