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“BattleTech” is a fictional science fiction world, similar to “Star Trek” or “Star Wars” series. “BattleTech” first appeared in the war board game, designed by FASA in 1984.

The game simulates the future battlefield after the 31st century. At that time, the giant walking robot powered by nuclear fusion, the so-called BattleMechs, became the master of the battlefield, matched with vehicles such as tanks, starships, and fighter jets, and used them. Weapons such as lasers, particle projection cannons, electromagnetic guns gauss rifles, automatic machine guns and missiles. The main axis of the game is the battle between fighters and various stories about fighters.

Jordan Weisma and Ross Babcockâ…¢, Jordan Weisma has bought back the BattleTech video game copyright from Microsoft. The latest BattleTech game will be a turn-based tactical game, which will be released in April 2018.

Basic Information

The earliest version of “BattleTech” is called “BattleDrolds” (‘drold’ is another name for robots), but since George Lucas and Lucasfilm Ltd. have registered trademarks for the word’drold’, the name has been changed since the second edition Called “BattleTech”.

“BattleTech” won three Origins Awards, and extended many products and expansion materials.
The earliest fighter design was taken from other animations such as Macross, but due to copyright factors, it is no longer used.

It is estimated that 25 million people have played “BattleTech” related games or read related novels. And at least 10 million people have played the adaptation of “BattleTech”. Toys of the “MechWarrior” series and “MechWarrior: Dark Age” series have also sold more than 10 million. There are more than 300 games known. Toy products are released, related books such as the core rule book are also published repeatedly, and there are more than 5,000 related web pages produced by the community.

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