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Beholder is a strategy adventure game produced by Warm Lamp Games and published by Alawar Premium. It was launched on the PC platform on November 9, 2016.

In the game, the player needs to act as a building manager who is inserted by the government in a totalitarian society. He must monitor tenants, eavesdrop on their conversations, and report them to their superiors! Most importantly, players must also report to the authorities anyone who plots to subvert the government.

Background Settingsedit

The background of the story is set in a harsh dystopian society in the future, where a totalitarian government controls every aspect of personal and public life. The law is repressive, surveillance is all, privacy is dead.

The protagonist Carl Stein was appointed by the government as the landlord of the D-class apartment in the 6th block of Krušovice. Together with his family, he was assigned to the residence on the first floor of the apartment for work. His daily job is to make the apartment building a sweet nest for tenants. . But in fact it is just a simple appearance hidden under the real mission.

Carl’s actual task is to monitor tenants, search for any items that threaten the authority of the government or individuals who violate the government, and report to his superiors. During the physical examination, he was injected with sleep-suppressing drugs to ensure that he could monitor any apartment activity around the clock.

Whether as a cog in a totalitarian machine or insisting that humanity resonate with others, the choice is in your hands.

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