Castle Wolfenstein

Action Game

The first-person series of action games has been developed for five generations since it came out in 1981. There are also mobile phone versions, namely Castle Wolfenstein, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein 3D, Wolfenstein, WolfensteinPRG, Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Today, 8 years after the last episode of “Return to Castle Wolfenstein”, the first-person shooter game “German Headquarters”, jointly created by well-known game production companies id Software and Raven Software, will once again make all players feel the most Original touch.

The story of “German Headquarters” continued after the previous work. When Hitler’s zombie army ruled the world and the dream was broken, top German scientists discovered the “Black Sun”, a new energy source located in a parallel world but in a different time and space.

To come into contact with the black sun, one must travel through time and space and enter the terrifying “corpse screen world” ─ a space full of green tone and brutality. There are weird creatures and whirlwinds of energy that are constantly whizzing past. The creatures here are surrounded by special auras. For example, the “collector” floating on the ground is a kind of maggot with a mixture of metal and flesh and blood. Collect electricity everywhere, if you blow it up, you can also use it to hurt enemies in the real world. Compared with the previous games, the selection of weapons is more abundant, including submachine guns, rifles without scopes, Gaderin machine guns, and fixed machine guns. But as the game progresses, high-tech weapons that collect the energy of the corpse screen and convert them into energy will become the focus of the battle, such as the gravity gun that can evaporate the flesh and blood of the enemy.

History Background

The story of this work takes place in Isenstadt, a fictional German city. When the Allied forces learned of the major discoveries of the Nazis, they also sent their “weapons of mass destruction”, this is the secret agent B.J. Blackwich. When Blackwich arrived in the city, he immediately made contact with some resistance organizations in the city. This organization was called Kreisau Circle. In real history, this organization was formed by a group of German nobles, the first under Hitler’s rule. After the fall of the three empires, they planned for the future of Germany. In “Return to the German Army Headquarters”, the members of this organization are sincere freedom fighters, trying to defeat Nazism by all means. Isenstadt is left to Blackwich to explore. Kreisau safe houses are scattered throughout the city, where Blackwich can adjust equipment, receive intelligence, and is assigned to assist the Resistance.

First of all, the battle in this game looks like a basic FPS type. Blackwich used a variety of World War II weapons loyal to historical facts, and his reliable flamethrower to fight. There is no special squad command for this work, allies will fight by themselves. Raven wants players to have as many choices as possible in the game, so there are many ways to destroy enemies in this game. For example, Blackwich could climb to the roof and use a machine gun to shoot at the German army on the street from the side, or he could hide in the sewer and suddenly emerge from the ground to give the German army a surprise attack. Of course, you can also take the traditional route, using sandbags and walls on the street as a cover to wipe out the enemies one by one.

In this world, there is a parallel space called the veil. The German army desperately wants to break through the veil and directly control the power of the black sun. The Nazis have just acquired a small part of the black sun’s power, but they are rapidly advancing towards the goal. . In the early days of the game, Blackwich can enter veil at will. In fact, this is not a space completely separated from the world. It is equivalent to the world of shadows in “Lord of the Rings”. Here, everything is dark green and inhabits strange Creatures. The black sun is leaking, and the concentration of pure energy can be seen everywhere. A giant blue insect called geist collects this energy, just like bees collect pollen. When the geist is filled with energy, Blackwich can launch these energy, detonate the unstable dark energy contained in it, and kill all enemies around.

When the Nazis continued to intervene in veil, this space became more and more dangerous. Raven said that there are many kinds of creatures in veil. As the Nazis improved their control of the black sun, their power would gradually increase. Blackwich wore a suit of black sun energy protection armor, and marched into the German base. In veil, Blackwich gained a mysterious supernatural ability. He moved faster and could see enemies more clearly, as well as secret paths that did not exist in normal space. When the Nazis entered the veil, they marked the difference between the two spaces by marking the walls. There are many types of superpowers obtained in veil, for example mire can slow down time. There are many treasures hidden in the game world of this game. Gold bars are a very precious thing, and it takes a lot of time to find.

Game Features

Wolfenstein is not the typical Nazi mowing World War II shooting game. Although, it has endless fools and evil soldiers falling one after another under your strong fire. But in this adventure, the American spy B.J. Blazkowicz has some magical superpowers, a bit of bioshock plus Call of Duty feel-even though you still need to rely on your flashing weapons. These new skills can sometimes be a gimmick, but when considering multiplayer games, Wolfenstein provides enough vitality and enough to satisfy anyone’s top plot of fantasy adaptation of historical action games.

At the beginning of the game, you find a stone full of ancient power that allows you to travel back and forth between the real world and the inverted dimensional space called “Veil”. You can enter the gauze vision, so that you can go through some walls, move faster, look for props, and the enemy will slow down. It is more suitable for long-distance sniping – but then your whole world is stained with a sickly fuzzy green.

Wolfenstein’s graphics are very good, so when you have to play the game with such ugly, faded visual effects, you are still a bit disappointed.

Customs Clearance Strategy

Railway station: There is almost no difficulty. You can get a piece of gold in the living room after eliminating the patrolmen at first.
Go out and go to the right to get two pieces of gold and one piece of information. After blowing up the door, you will get a Kar98 rifle. Right-click to open the scope. In this level, you can use the rifle to shoot one person… Get to the side of the train where the bomb is placed, use the machine gun to destroy the enemies upstairs first, and then destroy the enemies on the ground.

Digging point: use grenades and close attacks to deal with enemies. Enemies entering the digging point can be easily solved with grenades. Reach the ritual place of the first bald magician, use the rifle to destroy the bald magician first, and destroy other enemies. After obtaining the veil, you can observe the electric fish in the dark time for many times. Killing it can release electricity to kill the enemy. When the slow crystal is obtained, the veil barrel will be destroyed the moment it is opened. Don’t open it when not in use (it consumes energy quickly).

Church: There is no difficulty. You can use it to instantly kill some enemies when you get the ion cannon. You can use MP44 to charge along the way. Although there are few supplies, there are a lot of MP44 bullets at the end of the game. When destroying the church machine, use the deceleration and MP44 to break his weakness
Farm: At the beginning, you can walk along the river. Regardless of the enemy, when you encounter a machine gun shelter, you can start to slow down to avoid bullets, you can ignore the enemy’s reinforcement truck, walk to the end from the left, and enter the building through the back door. Enter the elevator, start slowing down, and shoot at the oil drum next to the enemy. After getting the shield crystal, when you come to the dungeon, you can start slowing and ignoring the attack of coolie mobs. When you come to a broken bridge, you need to start slowing and rush past.

Hospital: Open the veil to track the assassin. After reaching the 3rd floor, use the rocket launcher to solve the assassin. Go downstairs to a hall. After solving the two guards, turn on the slow down and throw the grenade to destroy the magician and the enemy. Go upstairs and use the ion cannon to destroy the enemy. After obtaining the stun gun, the assassin can be easily destroyed at a long distance, and it can be used as a flashlight when it is dark, but it is safer to use a veil. When you reach the Black Sun Energy Pillar area, just stand behind the pillar and attract the big bear to hit it. After obtaining the armor-piercing crystal, you can easily destroy any enemy at a long distance.

Cannery: Deal with assassins and fire-breathers at the beginning, and open the armor piercing ability easily. There is no difficulty in using armor piercing and shielding abilities to reach the inside of the factory. When facing a tank, don’t worry about anything, just turn on the deceleration ability and rush over. When dealing with General Zeta, turn on the armor-piercing ability and use MP44 to shoot him violently, smash the energy supply, and soon he will be dead.

Castle: At the beginning, use the shield ability to charge, it is best to upgrade the rebound crystal. When you get outdoors, turn on the deceleration crystal and rush over, regardless of enemies and zombies. After getting the black hole gun, Big Bear can easily handle it with just one shot. Reach the top of the castle, use MP44, MP40, black hole gun to easily destroy any enemy, first smash the magic suppressor in the hall, and use black hole gun to easily kill any enemy. In the library, you only need two to three bullets to easily destroy the magician and assassin to activate the armor-piercing ability.

Airport: Use armor-piercing ability to clear the way and enter the interior of the airport. Go to an open field, turn on the armor-piercing ability and use the rocket launcher to easily destroy the enemy. When the flying soldiers arrive, they don’t care about the mobs, as long as you enable the deceleration ability. In the later stage, using stun guns, black hole guns, and MP44 to turn on the armor piercing ability can easily destroy any enemy.

Airship: Use the ion cannon and black hole gun to turn on the armor-piercing ability, which can easily destroy any enemy, reach the portal of the world of black sun, open the shield ability to complete the work, and finally enter the gate
Black Sun: In the first stage, use a rocket launcher and an ion cannon to activate the armor-piercing ability. In the second stage, turn on the deceleration and armor piercing capabilities with the black hole gun and the boss. In the third stage, first interrupt the bridge, go upstairs and open the road with a fire gun (preferably turn on the armor piercing ability), and finally, turn on the armor piercing ability and use the black hole gun or MP43 with armor piercing mode to easily kill the boss.

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