Company of Heroes

Strategy Game

“Company of Heroes” is a PC real-time strategy game developed by Relic Entertainment with the background of World War II. This game was released by American THQ company on September 13, 2006. The game graphics are exquisite and realistic.

Game Settings

“Company of Heroes” uses Relic’s next-generation “Essence” engine development, and combines the “Havok” physics engine technology, so the game screen performance is very amazing, whether it is delicate war scenes, realistic light and shadow effects, and delicate characters 3D modules with weapons, various explosions, firelight and smoke effects, etc., make “Company of Heroes” bright at the first sight. In terms of the game story of “Company of Heroes”, the entire “Company of Heroes” is based on the European battlefield during the Second World War. In the single player mode, players can start from the Normandy landing in 1944, and the players play in the game. The commander of a combat company must start from Normandy and march all the way north to start a fierce battle with the tenacious Nazi Germans. The combat missions in the game are combined with real battles to make the entire “Company of Heroes” game perform better rich.

In addition, “Company of Heroes” uses the’Havok’ physics engine, so each combat unit in the game not only has more realistic dynamics, even all the building scenes in the game can be destroyed, so players should not think that it is just Avoiding the combat unit behind the building will not be hurt, because the building will be damaged if it is constantly attacked. Therefore, the player must better dispatch the team strategy and adjust the strategy at any time according to the terrain and features at the time, otherwise it will eat Big loss.

In terms of the computer AI of the game, the computer AI of “Company of Heroes” is very smart. When the player gives a combat command, the computer will adjust the strategy according to the player’s command and the current situation, and even the computer AI will cover each other and attack in a group battle. Enemy, this is a rare innovation in real-time strategy games. In addition to the single player mode, “Company of Heroes” also supports 2 to 8 players in the multiplayer mode for LAN battles.

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