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Counter-Strike is a shooting series game developed by Valve in the summer of 1999. The founders are Jess Cliff and Minh Gooseman Lee. They later entered Valve with the game.

The early stage of the game was a game module of the game “Half-Life”, and later it became an independent game.

“Counter-Strike” divides players into two teams: the “Counter Terrorists” camp and the “Terrorists” camp. Each team must conduct multiple rounds of battle on a map. The way to win the round is to achieve the goal required by the map, or to completely eliminate the enemy player.

The game has 6 modes, “Bombplant&Defuse”, “Hostage Rescue”, “Assassination”, “Escape”, and “Arsenal Mode” was added later. Among them, “Counter-Strike Condition Zero” has plot missions.

The game provides 4 different character skins, and two are added to Counter-Strike Condition Zero. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you cannot choose the character skin, and the character style will vary according to the map selected by the player.

The money system is a characteristic system of the game. Therefore, in addition to the player’s game skills, Counter-Strike often also has certain economic planning capabilities. Most of the content of the game has become the elements that other shooting games will compete to imitate….

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