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–The Super Stitch Monster “Craftopia” is finally available for play. Players comment on the game’s potential?

The RPG adventure game “Craftopia” known as the “Super Stitch Monster” has been officially launched. At present, the game has received more than 1,000 reviews on the Steam platform, and the overall evaluation is “mostly favorable”, with a favorable rate of 75%.

“Craftopia” is a creative game with a variety of elements and gameplay, in which players can experience a variety of content that interests them. In the agricultural management gameplay, players can carry out agricultural planting and production, and enjoy the rural life; in the automated industry, players can produce various products on an assembly line; they can also explore the game world to capture and domesticate various animals; there is also a maze adventure It can give players the opportunity to fight with BOSS to obtain new powers; players can also collect various suitable materials in the game world to make and use floating skateboards, motorcycles, helicopters, cars, tanks and other vehicles. In addition to these gameplays and the included elements, you can also develop fisheries to sail and fish, DIY your own unique characters or call friends to collaborate and play together.

The more elements and content of the game, on the one hand, there may be no way to specialize, and it is easier to be clich├ęd and unable to innovate, but on the other hand, it allows players to experience all the elements and gameplay in a game, which is very enjoyable.

Some players have too many game elements, almost covering most of the gameplay, and it is also a good verification of the title of the suture monster.

There are also player comments, “I will not return this model, I feel that it has great potential. I hope that the production team will do a good job of BUG and text early, after all, it is a super-ultimate stitching monster.” If the official can fix the BUG as soon as possible, it may be able to win more players’ favor with these many elements.

The bad reviews of the game mainly lie in the lack of optimization of the game and the existence of many BUGs, there is still room for improvement in the gameplay, and the lack of sufficient content support and garbled Chinese characters. However, the production team has carried out several rounds of updates since its release, which shows its sincerity. Let’s wait and see for the follow-up performance of “Craftopia”!

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