Crusader Kings II

Strategy Game

“Crusader Kings II” is a real-time strategy PC game developed by Paradox Interactive, released in the first quarter of 2012.

“Crusader Kings II” is the sequel of “Crusader Kings I” in 2004, “Crusader Kings II” brings us the darkest and most violent period in European history-the European medieval dark age. The game can choose to start in 1066, span about 322 years, which contains a lot of historical events. In the DLC Charlemagne, the start of the game is advanced to 769 AD. The player will act as a feudal lord of this period. Build a family and form a gang.

Background Setting

The game is based on the history of the dwarf Pepin’s death in 769 until the Turkish Ottoman Empire’s conquest of Constantinople in 1453. Players can play as a medieval lord, expand their territory, develop the economy, grow their family, and start a career. Complicated and detailed historical textual research, not easy to learn but a varied system, huge map, diverse religious culture and game mechanics, and a highly flexible combination of strategic war chess and role-playing gameplay. Medieval version of steel ambition, rebuilding the Roman Empire? Or become a fanatical believer and open up territory for your religion? Or as a sea-watching player who can farm and develop the economy with peace of mind? It all depends on the player’s choice.

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