Dead Rising

Adventure Game

“Dead Rising” (also known as “Death Resurrection”) is an ACT series of games on the Xbox360 platform produced by Capcom. The original version was released in 2006.

Game Background

The game tells the story of freelance journalist Frank West who is investigating various incidents in order to win the Pulitzer Prize, and he is eventually caught in a dangerous situation where it is difficult to get out. Players will play Frank West and fight back the zombies. In the process, the truth of the incident was revealed.

Release Version

Dead Rising1

The original name of the game: デッド ライジング

Dead Rising” tells the story of freelance journalist Frank West conducting investigations into various incidents in order to win the Pulitzer Prize, and he was eventually involved in a dangerous situation that is difficult to escape. Players will play Frank West on the side In the process of repelling the zombies, the truth of the incident was revealed.

The game developer Keiji Inafune said: “In the current environment, every game developer can no longer focus on a single area, not just focus on the Japanese market, but should use an international vision to make more Potential work.” So he came to Europe and the United States to make such a bloody game. Today, this game finally meets players in Japan.

The protagonist of the game, Frank West, is a reporter. He came to the city alone in order to report on the zombie in the small city. It is conceivable that almost all people are zombies, and anyone is hostile to you. Conversely, Frank can destroy at will, so the game is free and refreshing
The sense (or the degree of bloody) is maximized.

In order to reduce the adverse effects caused by the bloody scenes of the game, the producer has repeatedly emphasized the need to add as much funny as possible to the story. The light humor throughout all corners of the game eased the tension a little.

Dead Rising 2

In the game, the player plays Chuck Greene, the original motocross champion. In “Case: Zero” (the background is set 3 years later), the protagonist Chuck and his daughter Katey escape the outbreak of zombie infection In the small town of Still Creek, in order to prevent the infected Katie from turning into a zombie, Chuck must work hard to make money to buy expensive Zombrex drugs (Zombrex), so he had to come to Fortune City and play his past motocross championship skills to participate. Race to earn bonuses.

Dead Rising It tells the zombie incident that happened in the small town of Willamette. Unfortunately, the virus was not cleared, but quickly spread throughout the United States, so there was the sequel “Zombie Siege 2”. The background of “Zombie Siege 2” is set 5 years after the original, but the incident has moved to Fortune City, where thousands of zombies are swarming, which can bring players enough scary excitement and killing fun.

The protagonist is participating in a controversial pay-per-view TV show Terror Is Reality, and the content of this show is to let the contestants fight with the zombie group, satisfy the audience’s desire for bloody violence, and vent their desire for zombies. dissatisfied. Just want to make money to buy Zombrex Chuck, but fell into a huge conspiracy. In the face of the zombie crisis that erupted in the entire Good Luck City, Chuck worked hard to clear his grievances and found Zombrex for his daughter. At the same time, he helped save the survivors in the city and defeated the mental patients who went crazy in the corpse explosion…

The scene of this game will be much larger than the previous one, the scene will become more beautiful, and the types of combined weapons have also increased a lot. After the first week is completed, you can enter the second week. There is also a collaboration mode in the game mode to play online LIVE ( Piracy is not allowed), the real horror mode: the prize money won by participating in the competition can be used in the game.

In addition, the second information chapter “Top Secret Archives” has also been released. Players will once again play as Frank and fight zombies in Good Luck City.

Dead Rising 3

A zombie action game made by Capcom’s Vancouver studio. As a sequel to “Zombie Siege 2”, it was released on November 22, 2013.

The game tells the story of the protagonist Nick Ramos who wants to escape the tunnel and save the city infected by the epidemic after the plague broke out. The game is set in the fictional city “Los Perdidos”, and the prototype is Los Angeles, California.

Dead Rising 4

It is an action-adventure game made by Capcom and Epic Games using Unreal 4 engine. It is the orthodox sequel to “Zombie Siege 3”. The game’s story background is set in an abandoned city that has been occupied by zombies. The player continues to play as Frank West, returning to Wilramette 16 years after the original incident and will go deep into this terrifying land. Continuing the characteristics of the previous work, the items collected in the game can form a variety of powerful weapons to help players fight the tide of zombies. At the same time, Capcom also joined the four-person cooperation mode in this work.

Game Reviews

Dead Rising 3 is not a game that relies on graphics to win. Players who are attracted by it usually show great interest in the real sense of strike in the battle, almost endless zombies and absurd weapon systems. Players who like this series of games are usually willing to use constantly updated weird weapons to slaughter zombies, and Dead Rising 3 does a good job at this point.

Dead Rising 3 has a wealth of game content and good game quality. Despite the unsatisfactory picture, the game will still bring most of the fun to players. As a horror game, occasionally players will be caught by zombies in a dark place for a little surprise. And most of the time players can use different weapons and vehicles to crush the corpse group, just like playing an unparalleled work.

Dead Rising 4 is a new chapter in the most popular zombie game series in history. Not only will the photographer Frank West appear again, all the classic elements of this groundbreaking game series will also be reproduced one by one, from the practical to the whimsical , An all-encompassing weapon and vehicle for players to combine and use against zombies. Not only that, but players can also enjoy boldly launched new features, including new types of zombies, power armor suits, and a 4-player multiplayer game mode with online cooperation. Dead Rising 4 is full of exciting action elements and unprecedented weapon and character customization functions, allowing players to explore, search and fight for survival in the magnificent open world sandbox while enjoying the thrilling pleasure.

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