Destiny 2


“Destiny 2” is a game produced by Bungie and published by Activision. It is the orthodox sequel to “Destiny”.

Background setting

Under the command of Lord Geo, the commander of the Scarlet Army of Cabal, the invading forces launched a fierce attack, and the outnumbered humans lost their last refuge. Geo deprived the city guardians of their power and forced them to embark on a path of escape. You will have the opportunity to explore the mysterious and unknown world in the solar system, arm yourself with indestructible weapons and new combat capabilities. In order to defeat the Scarlet Army and challenge the Lord Gaou, you need to gather the scattered heroes of the human race to regain our homeland.

Season level

The game itself is free to play, with a season mechanism inside. Each season has a level reward. You can get paid content by purchasing a season pass. The free version can also enjoy the free part of the season pass reward.

Game Role


If you like interstellar special forces like Sparta in “Halo”, then Titan is definitely your dish. In “Destiny”, Titan is the engine of war in armor, he can “use power and strategy to control any battle.” Titan’s vanguard super skill is “fist of havoc”, which hits the ground with a heavy hammer to destroy and crush the surrounding enemies. After this skill is upgraded, it can produce an area that continues to cause damage for a certain period of time, allowing you to move on and solve the enemies that follow you. Another trick of Titan is to release a burst of energy. In addition, when you are a vanguard, your melee damage will increase.

When you reach level 15, you will unlock another sub-class of Titan: Guardian. The guardian’s super skill is called “ward of dawn”. This skill can create a temporary shield for you and your teammates. When you upgrade this skill, you can choose to enhance your temporary shield or increase The lethality of weapons. The guardian can create an obstacle that absorbs damage around him during melee combat. After the upgrade, as long as the obstacle still exists, you can prepare weapons and change magazines faster.


Like many assassins in RPGs, hunters specialize in hiding and accuracy, which can cause very deadly damage. The hunter’s first sub-professional is sharpshooter, and his super skill is “golden gun”, which is a very simple but can significantly enhance the weapon’s lethality. This skill can cause the enemy to explode after being upgraded. Different from basic melee combat, the sharpshooter has a throwing knife, which can set the enemy on fire after being upgraded.

When reaching level 15, the hunter can also unlock the second sub-class: Blade Dancer. The super skill of Blade Dancer is “arc blade”-a deadly lightning attack. After upgrading, it can cause damage in a circular area, or it can release an energy wave, or it can give you invisibility skills. The melee attack of the Blade Dancer is called “blink strike”, which has a larger range than any other melee attack, and after upgrade, when you sneak attack from behind, it will carry a stronger lethality, or make you from the enemy’s eyes. disappear.


The last of the three major professions in Destiny is Warlock. As his name is, he is like a magician. The first sub-class of the warlock is Voidwalker, and the super skill is “nova bomb”, which is a kind of energy ball that can explode and can destroy all enemies within its range. Voidwalker’s melee attack is called “energy drain”, which can reduce the cooldown time of the grenade; after the skill is upgraded, using “energy drain” to kill enemies can increase your movement speed or restore some HP within a certain period of time.

The second sub-class of the warlock is the sun singer, which is also unlocked at level 15. The super power is “radiance”. This skill can temporarily enhance all your skills. The melee attack of the Sun Singer is called “scorch”, which can ignite the enemy and cause continuous damage.

Fire Force

The firepower team is the in-game teaming mechanism. You can recruit the firepower team entrance through the official website to form a suitable firepower team for the game, or you can form a firepower team among players to play the game. During joining the firepower team, only the captain can choose the current team’s activity.

In any interface, you can call out the navigator (M) and select the “list” column to view the current firepower team or online friends and game players in the current scene (dungeon)

Guild System

After logging in to the game’s official website, enter the guild system. After joining the guild, you can accumulate guild experience, and you can obtain powerful equipment for completing weekly rewards and tasks in the guild.

Item props

“Destiny” contains three categories of main weapon, secondary weapon, and heavy weapon. The category of “Destiny 2” has changed: Kinetic, Energy and Power weapons, three weapons. The ammunition drop of the display is white, green and purple.

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