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Devil May Cry is an action stand-alone game released by Japan’s CAPCOM company, featuring gorgeous combat performance, whether it is the scene, atmosphere, And the system is excellent. The game tells about a superhuman demon hunter who runs an office called “Devil May Cry” to fight against demons from the devil world and prevent them from invading the world.

The original “Devil May Cry” was launched on the Switch in North America on June 25, 19 and in Japan on June 27, for 1990 yen. The Switch version of “Devil May Cry” has a capacity of 9.2GB and supports official Chinese, English, Japanese and other languages.

Players can manipulate the protagonist to use big swords or guns and various weapons to defeat the enemy (demon) for adventure. Although it is a simple story that persuades good and punishes evil, the game is made simple and gorgeous, with fast action and hardcore difficulty, and it is popular because of the refreshing feeling of defeating enemies with tension, creating “Stylish Action” The game type was later serialized as one of CAPCOM’s signature works.

Many places in the series refer to myths, legends and historical figures from all over the world as references, including characters and weapons. Most of the main characters are based on “Divine Comedy”, such as Dante (Dante Alikieri) and Virgil ( Virgilius), Tracey (Beatrice), Lucia (Saint Lucia).

Origin of the Game

In 2000, when the game supervisor Shinji Mikami made the first version of “Resident Evil 4″, he asked the director Hideki Kamiya to create a new game style. Based on the idea of ​​”cool” and “fashion”, Hideki Kamiya tried to add action elements to the plan and planned to let the protagonist use a big sword and double guns, which went against the traditional concept of survival horror. Shinji Mikami felt it was too deviating, so he persuaded the staff to make the style independent of survival horror. Hideki Kamiya decided to continue to develop the game, but as an independent game development, instead of adopting the style of the biochemical series, it became the first-generation “Devil May Cry” that everyone knows. Before the game was officially named “Devil May Cry”, the tentative project code was “Karnival”, which later became the old biplane in the game. It was originally titled “Devil May Care”, but because of the movie with the same name, it was renamed.

“Resident Evil 3.5” released in 2002 is not the first version, 3.5 is the second version, and has nothing to do with “Devil May Cry 1” released in 2001.

In the original setting, there is no demon world and demons. The protagonist is not Leon Scott Kennedy (Leon Scott Kennedy), but a new character named Tony Redgrave (Tony Redgrave), although the original intention to let Leon be the protagonist, but still chose Tony. Tony is a criminal policeman and a prototype of Dante. His biological father is Lord Spencer, the founder of Umbrella.

Spencer was infected with the ancestor virus long before Umbrella was founded. However, the virus did not threaten him. On the contrary, it gave Superman power and survived for hundreds of years. He hid in a castle on an island for a long time and observed secretly. Umbrella’s future development. Spencer’s physique was passed on to his two sons, Tony and Tony’s elder brothers. Tony came to the castle for investigation, was attacked by biochemical monsters and provoked by his brother. While exploring, he discovered his life experience and discovered that Spencer was trying to become a real superhuman by using the G virus.

With this version of “Resident Evil 4” changed to “Devil May Cry 1”, Tony became Dante, and his brother became Virgil. Due to the introduction of a world full of demons, many of the biochemical monsters planned in the early stages have been transformed into enemies of “Devil May Cry 1.”

Plot background

The officially established sequence of plots is “3” → “1” → “animated version” → “2” → “4” → “5”, while the previous official order was, including official novels and comics , Radio dramas, set collections, etc. as supplements. “DmC” is an outreach work and has nothing to do with 1-5 generations.

Series of Works

Here is only the game part.

Devil May Cry

Game introduction:

After CAPCOM launched “Resident Evil 3” in 1998, Hideki Kamiya, who was the supervisor of the “Resident Evil 2” game, prepared to develop the latest game “Resident Evil 4”. The company also plans to launch the “Resident Evil: Resident Evil:” Code-named-Veronica”, and was developed by Nextech Corporation under Sega. So game developers went to Spain in Europe to search for various castles to design the game environment.

After the first version of “Resident Evil 4” came out, Shinji Mikami realized that the first version was very different from the horror style of the previous Resident Evil series in all aspects. CAPCOM did not want to give up this first version, so since then created a game called “Devil May Cry”.

Devil May Cry 2

Game introduction:

“Devil May Cry 2” is the second “Devil May Cry series” launched by CAPCOM on PS2. This work has a completely different style from the previous work. In the background, this work has transformed from the weird Gothic castle in the previous work to an empty city. Compared with the previous work, the scene is larger and full of momentum. The weather and the atmosphere of the scene are also very good in this work. In terms of scenes, the ancient town at dusk, the mystery of the streets in the fog, the gloom of the city at night, the workshops full of metal, and the weird ruins, etc., all allow players to experience a new feeling.
In terms of actions and images, this work has added a lot of animation elements, and each animation is full of effects. And richer actions will also be interspersed with the cutscenes of the game and the actual game. It also reflects the charm of the demon hunter Dante. In addition to Dante, you can also choose the heroine Lucia as an operable character, or you can choose the heroine Tracy of the first generation.

Some players thought the system of this game was too slow and lost the refreshingness of the previous game, but in general, the system of this game still has many excellent places. In the game, gun switching and jade matching are created for the first time. According to different jade matching, they have different attributes and characteristics. In addition to some attributes and skills retained in the previous game, they also add ice, attack enhancement, HP recovery and other skills.

However, due to the height of the previous work and the penetration of various styles, the various reforms of this work were not well received. For various reasons, it became the most unpopular one of Devil May Cry.

Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening

Game introduction:

Before the story of “Devil May Cry 3” was pulled back to a generation, Dante, who had just established the Devil Hunter Office, launched a duel with many invading demons after the mysterious man brought a message, and the relationship with Dante was twin brothers. Jill will also appear on the stage as a hostile, launching a gorgeous showdown between Western two-handed swords and Japanese katana.

This game uses a new game engine production, which greatly enhances the game’s screen performance, and has greatly improved the sound effects, plot performance, balance, splitting and action.

In terms of the game system, six combat styles with their own strengths have been added. Among them, Gunslinger, Swordmaster, Trickster and Royalguard have long-range and short-range combat styles. Expertise items such as distance, evasion and defense have integrated and expanded various combat methods of the previous two generations.

In the game, players will have to give full play to the strengths of these four combat styles in a timely manner to successfully pass the level.

Devil May Cry 4

Game introduction:

“Devil May Cry 4” is the fourth work of the “Devil May Cry Series”. When everyone focused on how Dante wielded a big sword and fiddled with guns in the next era, CAPCOM said “Dante’s strength in the previous work has reached He was pushed to the second place on the grounds of “to the top”, and another unruly teenager was selected as the spokesperson for the new work.

The new protagonist, Nero, is a world-weary member of the Order of Knights. Not only does he have a silver-haired red dress that resembles Dante, he also has a very similar attack method. The only difference is that Nero has a unique special attack “Demon” Right wrist”. It is precisely because of the difference in the right hand that Nero’s application of tactics in combat has become more colorful than Dante’s.

Devil May Cry 3: Mobile

Game introduction:
“Devil May Cry 3: Mobile” can also be called “Devil May Cry 3D”, this is a mobile version that is not well known by most people and is based on the original “Devil May Cry 3”, released in 2008 .

The game has content similar to the original version, including 36 missions, upgradeable weapons and abilities, the same enemy and controllable character Dante.

Devil May Cry 4: Refrain

Game introduction:
“Devil May Cry 4: Restraint” is the mobile version of “Devil May Cry 4”, which was released on February 3, 2011 and landed on the iOS platform.

At the time of the initial release, Nero was the only game character, and in later updates, Dante became a playable character.

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition

Game introduction:
In 2006, CAPCOM launched a “special edition” for “Devil May Cry 3”. In addition to completely inheriting the content of “Devil May Cry 3”, it also added a lot of new content, such as allowing players to use Dante’s brother after clearing the level once. Virgil added a new BOSS and a new difficulty to the game, and also launched the PC version for the first time.

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

Game introduction:
This game has five characters that can be manipulated. In addition to Nero and Dante in the original “Devil May Cry 4”, there are three more characters: Virgil, Letty and Tracy are added to the game.

Letty can only be used in the Nero process, Tracy can only be used in the Dante process, and Virgil can be used in any process. Virgil’s weapon is consistent with “Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition”. Tracy can use the magic sword Spartan and double spear light and shadow. Letty can only shoot.

DmC: Devil May Cry

Game introduction:
Commonly known as “DMC” or “New Devil May Cry”. “DmC” is a new work after “Devil May Cry 4”, but the biggest difference from the predecessor is that CAPCOM did not participate in the direct production of this work. Instead, it was handed over to Ninja Theory, the studio that produced “Heaven Sword”. To be developed and officially launched on January 15, 2013. Because the image of “Black Hair Dante” from the trailer in this game has been criticized and dissatisfied by players all over the world, in fact, the character image has been renovated, but no one noticed it.

According to CAPCOM, this work is not an orthodox sequel to the series, but an independent work with a new world view, which will revolve around Dante who is different from the previous work. The story of “DmC” takes place in a country ruled by demons. Demons hide in a realm called Limbo to monitor humans. The name of Limbo means the border of hell. It is a parallel world that reflects reality. All matter in this environment is constantly changing, trying to eliminate Dante between destruction. The powerful demons can drag Dante into Limbo at will, and then plunge them into fierce battle.

“DmC: Devil May Cry 5” is not the real “Devil May Cry 5” (in order to distinguish from the abbreviation DMC of the previous 4, the m in the middle is lowercase), “Devil May Cry 5” is the wrong name of the domestic game news website.

This work is not a rumor, and the official definition is Rebirth. Its own worldview has nothing to do with the plot and the previous 4 games. For example, Dante from the 1-4 generation is half-human and half-devil blood, and the Dante from “DmC” is half Angel and half demon blood.

DmC: Definitive Edition

Game introduction:
It is an expanded version of the original “DmC: Devil May Cry”, which was released on March 10, 2015, and landed on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The additional DLC of the game is the downloadable supplementary content, among which “Vergil’s Downfall” is an independent plot of Virgil.

Devil May Cry 5

Game introduction:
The game is the orthodox sequel to “Devil May Cry 4”, which was released on March 8, 2019, and landed on PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

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