DNF players predict a major version that will be updated in the next 100 years, the 100th anniversary celebration, the return of dnf

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Unknowingly, the game DNF has been with us for more than ten years. Ten years ago, if this game will always be very popular in the future, no one would believe it, and even more players think that dnf might be cool next year. Up. But the reality has hit all players in the face. Until now, the game Dungeon is still one of the hottest online games, and there is no other game of the same type that can surpass it.

Although the dungeon has now been updated to the level 100 version, and even mythological equipment that is stronger than the epic has come out, in the hearts of most old players, the most memorable is the old version. Although it is difficult to upgrade and refresh images in the previous old version, this precious memory cannot be replaced by the new version. Basically, dnf will update the major version once a year, from the dark city to the big shift and then to the current level 100 version. I don’t know which version you are in.

Personally, I feel that the Alien version and the Anthun version are one of the most successful major versions of dnf, especially the Alien version created a magical alien set, players can choose alien attributes according to their preferences. At that time, the map of the crack in the alien world was really difficult. And with the update of the alien version, the big pit of the equipment augmentation system has also emerged, and the equipment of how many players is destroyed by the augmentation.

The pk version in 2008, the mechanical cow version in 2009, the insect king version in 2009, the alien version in 10 years, and the current Shilock version. I don’t know which major version you are most satisfied with. Although it is difficult to predict the major version that will be updated every year, there are still players who have a lot of brains. According to some rules of the previous version update, they boldly predict the major version of DNF that will be updated in the next 100 years, the 100th anniversary, and the return of dnf.

By 2044, dnf has been in operation for 33 years. This year the warriors have regrouped, and the Arad continent needs warriors to guard. Recalling the peak scenery of Arad in 2060, the warriors of the older generation in 2070 can no longer hold it, goodbye Arad. Finally in 2108, dnf celebrated its 100th anniversary, and dnf is back! All rise!

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