DNF: The benefits of the transformation system are huge, and the new build method will soon replace the increase and enhancement!

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There are many equipment creation systems in DNF, such as augmentation, enchantment, enhancement, etc. These equipment creation systems are not launched all-in-one, but have been launched one after another during the continuous development of DNF over the past ten years, such as at the beginning At that time, there was only one equipment enhancement system in DNF. It was not until the release of the Alien version that the augmentation system emerged in DNF and became the first choice for equipment building in DNF. This situation has continued until now.

If the 100-level version is not updated, or if the 100-level version does not go online to modify the gameplay, it is likely that the increase in the dominance of DNF’s equipment building field will continue. But unfortunately, after so many years of update iterations, the increase seems to be replaced by a new way of building equipment. This new way of building equipment is “reconstruction.”

The widespread popularity of an item in DNF is a precursor to being taken

We have said before that one of the “laws” in DNF is that in development games like DNF, with the continuous update of the version, the content of the game continues to increase, and many expensive items in the previous version will continue to depreciate. , And finally given to players in the form of free. This kind of “law” can be seen everywhere in DNF. For example, after the new version is updated, the old version of the equipment will be given away for free, and the old rare sky set will also be given away for free after the new artifact sky set for the anniversary celebration is online. .

In addition, in terms of equipment building, you can’t escape this “law”. In terms of enchantment, the enchantments given in the scraping event every year are basically the graduation-level enchantments of the previous version, and the devaluation of the enhancement and increase is after entering the 100-level version. Players can also feel that the free equipment upgrade gift boxes given out in various activities not only give away enhancements and enchantments, but even alcohol forging is also given away, but there is currently an 8-level upper limit for forging, and there is no increase and enhancement. .

Now there are only brilliant badges and platinum badges. The planner still holds them in their hands, but they are not far from the nationalization of the badges. Now the return event has given away a brilliant badge optional gift box and an original professional platinum badge gift box. . The original professional platinum badge gift box is also included in the “Running Event” after the Golden Autumn Edition update. I believe the badge will be popular soon.

The new build method-transformation, will replace the increase and strengthen

As for why the old version of graduation props will be given away for free after the new version is updated, everyone must be very clear in their hearts that the props of the old generation are not as good as the new generation and have been eliminated. The equipment is like this, and the enchantment is the same way of strengthening and augmenting. The reason why the planner in the level 100 version unscrupulously sent so many equipment upgrade gift boxes is because they have to vigorously promote the new equipment building system, that is ” Transformation”.

The transformation is different from the current enhancement and increase. The damage entries and attributes added by the transformation are varied, so the improvement is also relatively large. However, because there are not many equipment that can take over the transformation in the national server, we look for some data on Hanbok. Recently, a major anchor on the DNF China server appeared in a piling competition held by Hanbok, but the attributes are not good. Compared with the red 14 and 15 equipment. The player’s overall increase was only Red 11 and Red 12, but he became the first person in the Hanbok profession because of this weapon that transformed 8.

This is exactly the weapon that can be transformed in the Shilock regiment, and the future of this transformation is really unlimited.

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