Do you know all the “truths” in those games?

Game World

“Tetris” tells us:

The mistakes made will accumulate, and the success gained will disappear.

“Super Mario” tells us:

Success depends not on how high you jump, but on how far you run.

“Contra” tells us:

It’s not the enemy in front that prevents you from moving forward, but the black gun behind you

“Snake” tells us:

It was not sugar-coated cannonballs that defeated me, but my increasingly inflated me.

“Angry Birds” tells us:

When you fail, there are always a few pigs laughing.

Tencent Games tells us:

If you don’t have money, you are just playing air!

CF tells us:

No matter how high you are, you will be fine as long as you jump in 1cm of water.

Mc told us:

Only in an unscientific world can we survive.

LOL tells us:

No matter how high your achievements are, your teammates will always beat you.

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