Does CODM deserve it? The file deletion test is waiting for you on October 20!

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Recently, it was officially announced that “CODM” will conduct a “mission final test” on October 20, with limited number deletions. This will also be the last round of testing before the official launch of the national service. “Call of Duty Mobile Games” has been adapted and optimized for the operating characteristics of the mobile terminal, restoring the classic gameplay and maps of the terminal game, and also adding new elements to give players a better gaming experience.

As a classic 3A masterpiece, “CODM” also brings you many familiar elements in this ultimate test. Classic maps familiar to players such as “Nuclear Town”, “Battle Hut”, “Crash Land”, and “Cross Fire” will all appear. I don’t know which gameplay the players prefer?

“CODM” in addition to a variety of modes, clear picture quality models and real maps, but also strives to bring original end-to-end gameplay, so it also added weapon accessories, continuous defeat rewards and soldier skills settings. As the sequel to the Call of Duty series, I believe many players are looking forward to it, so I will reveal it in advance. This test opens the classic blasting, team competition, individual competition, and stronghold competition.

I believe that many players who have experienced “CODM” on Taiwan server, Southeast Asia or international server have been coveting this game for a long time. Even friends who have never played it must have heard about it. Recently, “CODM” Taiwan server has ushered in The latest version update! In addition to the new season of Battlepass content, a new multiplayer mode for headquarters competition, advanced mode, and two multiplayer maps of the Bloody Terminal, Deadly Forest, there are also new season tasks and rewards.

“CODM” also officially adapted and optimized the operating characteristics of the mobile terminal of the national server, and perfectly transplanted the classic operating system of the terminal game, including fire settings, one-key waist shot, one-key mirroring, one-key mirroring and fire, players can follow Adjust to your own operating preferences. The addition of the gun craftsman system also allows players to assemble according to their own needs, so that they can operate more easily in the game.

Players can fight for reservation qualifications on the official website. Players who want to experience in advance can compete for qualifications. Of course, you can also wait until the official server is online and experience it with your friends! Is “CODM” a bluff, or is it well deserved? Let’s wait and see for the file deletion test on October 20!

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