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“DotA” (Defense of the Ancients), can be translated into guarding ancient trees, guarding ruins, and guarding ancient ruins. It is a real-time strategy game “Warcraft 3” produced by Blizzard, a multiplayer real-time battle, custom map, and support 10 people are connected to the game at the same time, which is the RPG map of Warcraft officially approved by Blizzard.

The earliest DOTA map appeared in the era of the Reign of Chaos. A player named Eul (Euls) made the first DOTA map “RoC DOTA”. Both teams have only 5 heroes in total, which is very simple.

After Eul (Euls) quit, a player Steve Guinsoo integrated many heroes to make DotA Allstars. In 2005, shortly after the 6.01 version was released, IceFrog and Neichus made several revisions and updates to the map. After Neichus quit, IceFrog became the main map programmer, responsible for any work including game execution and balance testing. With the continuous release of 6 series versions, bug corrections, new heroes and newly added spells continue to be introduced into “DotA”.

The final game is divided into two camps. Players need to manipulate heroes and gain the final victory by destroying the opponent’s ruins. This multiplayer online competitive mode was later called “Dota game”, which had a profound impact on subsequent competitive games.

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