Dragon Nest


“Dragon Nest” refers to a 3D action MMORPG game developed by Korean online game company Eyedentity Games, which is represented by Shengqu Games in China.

The background of the story takes place in the continent of Atria, which has fantasy characteristics. The game is based on the fantasy world of nine dragons contending for hegemony. The main content is the adventure of defeating nine dragons or becoming another legendary dragon.

Game background

Evil dragons and monsters continue to invade and threaten the mainland Atria. A young girl holding the key of hope appeared in a small village on the mainland.

Some senior priests and magicians knew of her appearance and began to look for the girl, and the evil forces that tried to rule the world also began to act.

The Warriors accidentally intervened in this battle. Warrior, Atria’s fate will be in the hands of the warrior.

Game system


The main characteristic systems in the “Dragon Nest” game are: achievement system, PVP system, dungeon system, heraldic system, mission system, etc.

Game interface

  1. Basic information: avatar, level, name, HP/MP, resurrection gem (consumed during resurrection), resurrection stone (consumption for resurrection of teammates) 2. Channel area: current channel and area
  2. Task tracking: summary and direction guidance of tasks currently being performed
  3. Email reminder: displayed when there are unread emails, reminding to go to the mailbox in the town to collect it. (You can directly click the mail icon to read)
    5-12. Common functions: from left to right: character attributes, props, skill list, social panel, task list, map view, achievement panel and system panel
  4. Experience value slot: display the experience value information of the current character
  5. Fatigue value slot: It is consumed when entering the copy, and cannot enter the copy when the fatigue value is 0.
  6. Attack status: Press Tab to switch the attack/non-attack status.
  7. Mouse state: press Ctrl key to switch mouse state (four-corner arrow or mouse cursor right in front)
  8. Convenient map: Display a small map of the current scene, and press the “+/-” button to adjust the size of the display area.

Mission system

In the game world of Dragon Nest, a variety of tasks will become guideposts to guide players forward.
The main mission will guide players to explore various dungeons, and gradually penetrate the core of the entire Dragon Nest world. A series of stories derived from the plot animation when entering the game will gradually appear in front of players with the clue of the main task. What kind of truth is hidden behind the dark clouds over the continent of Atria? The main mission will guide players to dig one by one.

The side mission system will provide players with a wealth of rewards. Several side missions in Novice Village will guide players to have a deeper understanding of the game system and functions. As the plot deepens, more and more side missions begin to provide players with generous rewards.

Heraldic system

Heraldry is one of the characteristic systems of Dragon Nest. By challenging difficult copies, players can obtain special items for synthesizing heraldry.
After synthesizing the coat of arms through a specific npc and equip it, you can obtain the special skills of the coat of arms.
These skills are often enhancements and supplements to the player’s default skills. It can play a unique role in PVE or PVP.

Dungeon system

The dungeon system is the main place for players to adventure in “Dragon Nest”.
Throughout the game, players will explore each dungeon in turn under the guidance of the main mission. Defeat all kinds of bosses and get rich experience points and item rewards.
Around each town, there are many dungeons that match the player’s level.
After entering the dungeon entrance, the dungeon selection interface will open.
Note: The same entrance can lead to multiple dungeons. When entering the dungeon entrance, don’t forget to choose the dungeon and difficulty you want to go to.

Through the map panel (open with the shortcut key M, you can easily view the entrance of the dungeon and the dungeons that can be reached through the entrance.)

PVP system

The PVP Arena is a place for players to perform PVP in addition to challenging dungeons and destroying monsters. Simply put, it is a place where players challenge each other.
When it comes to the arena, many players may think of “high-end professional players” and “competitive level”. But the arena in Dragon Nest is a place where players regardless of level, occupation, or even level of operation can have unique fun.
Different from other similar action games, Dragon Nest’s PVP can accommodate 8vs8 multiplayer confrontation mode.

Join the arena

In Dragon Nest, players need to use the “Amphitheatre” dedicated PVP channel for PVP. You can enter this PVP dedicated channel through the following channels:

  1. After logging in to the game, select the “Amphitheatre” channel to enter directly
  2. After entering the game, press Esc to call up the system panel, select “Channel selection” to enter
  3. In the game interface, press the Ctrl key, switch out the mouse, and click “Switch Channel” at the top right of the screen to enter

DWC system

3D fresh competitive action online game “Dragon Nest” has launched a new competitive mode around the world-DWC (Dragonnest World Championship)! Competitive enthusiasts from ten countries and regions including China, South Korea, Japan, the United States, and Thailand can gather and compete through the DWC platform. DWC is a brand-new competitive mode that can be experienced in the arena. According to the developer, the original intention of creating DWC is actually very simple, to allow players all over the world to experience the game in the same environment. “Dragon Nest” has been successfully launched in many countries and regions, and different countries will have different updated versions. In order to allow global players to fight at the same level and the same balance of skills, DWC was born as a matter of course!

Participating in the DWC arena requires the creation of an exclusive character. Players can choose one of five professions: Warrior, Juggernaut, Magician, Archer, and Scholar. All players entering the DWC have the same starting point, and the Sea Dragon S-level suits and skill points are uniformly distributed. Therefore, the DWC competition is more to test the player’s operation and professional cooperation. In 3V3, players can have different career matching methods and choose different personality styles. If you have a long-term partner, you can also find a regular team to join the competition.

In the DWC channel, there are three modes: Arena, DWC Finals and DWC Practice. Only the DWC final mode can accumulate records and have the opportunity to participate in future world competitions. Each season of the competition, each country will select a national team through the DWC final rankings, and compete with the masters of other countries. In the case that the final mode is not open, you can also use the DWC practice mode to improve the tacit understanding and actual combat ability with your comrades.

Achievement system

Achievements in “Dragon Nest” When players make items, strengthen items, defeat bosses, clear dungeons, or even die in dungeons, a flashing prompt message may suddenly appear on the screen. This is “Dragon Nest” “Unique achievement system.

Monster system

Dragon Nest Monster Difficulty and AI-5 difficulty venues
The difficulty of each venue in “Dragon Nest” is divided into 5 stages, gradually increasing from the beginning. A venue is composed of several regions, and finally challenges the boss monsters in the final region.
The monster artificial intelligence (AI) that threatens players

Monsters have a variety of AI and attack forms. When they are attacked by different types of monsters at the same time, they may fall to the ground instantly. Therefore, it is necessary to share roles and set positions through team formation.

Dragon Nest Monster Features

The ‘reaction’ of monsters that are strongly attacked in the game is also worth seeing.
The ‘Orc’ holding a shield uses the shield to block the player’s attack. When the player is surprised by the blocked attack, they counterattack. However, the continuous attack will destroy the shield. Without the shield, Orc retreats and finally loses.

“Dragon Nest” has a very high monster IQ. Each monster has a different artificial intelligence, such as sneaking around behind the player, successfully performing a quick combo attack and then running away, swallowing the player in the stomach, locking it up, rolling in an invincible state, etc.

The dog-like monster ‘Hound’ will also raise one foot to urinate and do a little prank when the player falls down.

Town duel system

The town duel system was launched in late March 2012. There is no need to switch channels, no need to swipe the screen and others. The new version allows you to apply for 1V1 duels in the village, generate a 1:1 dedicated arena, and move to the arena for quick battle , Challenge the new PK model.

Game Features

Novel type and consistent action

This is an Online Action RPG game with cute, beautiful graphics and fierce battle system. The development team used rich experience in single-player action game development to make “Dragon Nest” an RPG game with many unique action performances. As a semi-action game, its combat system is very simple. Through simple and basic operations, you can achieve a KOF-like combo refreshment. It also adds aerial combos that knock enemies into the air, and monsters hit the wall and then bounce. The wall combo when returning to re-strike.

The game is based on the fantasy world of nine dragons contending for hegemony. The main content of the game is to fight back the nine dragons or to become another legendary dragon. The character’s gorgeous combo skills and the monster’s multiple attack actions, as well as the artificial intelligence of the monsters attacking in unimaginable directions are the points of concern in the game.

“Dragon Nest” game adopts the method of fighting in the randomly generated dungeons and the wild. In the village formed by the traditional MMORPG method, players can experience the fun of shops, tasks, NPCs, etc., at the same time, like-minded 4 Famous players can enter the dungeon together for team battle. Because dungeons are randomly generated, not only the layout of the map will change, but also the way monsters appear each time. Like other games, when the player’s level is higher, they will encounter monsters with stronger and stronger IQs, so players who memorize the map or play the game according to a certain strategy route are prevented from entering the map every time They are all randomly created.
It may be due to the problems of the game program itself and server problems. Sometimes there are phenomena in the game such as stiff and unnatural movements of characters and monsters, poor continuity of character movements, and disconnection from monster movements. After the character action is completed during the battle, the monster still has no response or the character action has not been completed, and the monster has lost blood.

Fantasy style without losing the atmosphere

An animated picture, Dragon Nest is like watching an animated adventure action movie, lovely character design and atmospheric background pictures, the entire DragonNest (Dragon Nest) world is fresh and pleasant, even the evil BOSS is changed. From a perspective, it will feel a little cute, very suitable for players of all ages.

The blur effect is used to enhance the character’s action, with the lovely picture and brisk action, the whole game style is full of vitality and fast-paced. The dust in the skill effect is like a cloud in the sky. The animation feels very comfortable.

Smooth movement and strong sense of blow

Although Dragon Nest is not an action game, in the process of the game, it is not only when using skills, but also when attacking, when fighting a monster, the action is also very real and pleasant. It uses terrain (hit into the wall to attack and throw into the air, etc.) attack and background is fairy tale style, but the action is more gorgeous is also one of its characteristics. The artificial intelligence of the monsters in Dragon Nest is very high. The monsters here are very smart. Unlike the other two games, all of them kill the players (except for the BOSS battle). The monsters of Dragon Nest (Dragon Nest) will use different strategies to attack the players, encircle, plot behind them, magic traps, etc. The general cooperation of soldiers has increased the players’ attention to the changes in the surrounding environment all the time when playing the game.

Easy to operate and more fun

Compared with the 2D action game that only uses the keyboard, the 3D action game Dragon Nest, which uses the keyboard and mouse to control at the same time, adds more fun and sense of accomplishment.

With the character movement and viewing angle control of the FPS game mode, you can clearly see the control cross sign, so it is easy to distinguish the enemy in front in a complex battle. Although it is not very difficult to operate, the monster’s attack will occasionally be very violent and sudden, so it requires the player’s instant judgment and quick response.

Game occupation

“Dragon Nest” occupations are divided into 7 types: warrior, archer, priest, magician, scholar, Kali, and assassin. Among them, warriors, priests, and assassins are fixed as males, and archers, magicians, scholars, and Kali are fixed as females.

The first-tier transfer and the second-tier transfer have been developed. Upgrade to level 15 for a first-tier transfer, and upgrade to level 45 for a second-tier transfer.


Warriors have strong melee attack power and have been active at the forefront of the battle. Powerful strength and abundant physical strength allow him to destroy all enemy defenses. (Recommended for novices)


Archers are good at using bows and arrows to attack at a distance from behind. With fast movement and various long-range attacks, the enemy can’t get close to him at all.


The priest has high defense power and healing magic that can heal his companions, and is responsible for protecting the team members. Possess a variety of auxiliary skills and can calmly deal with various situations. Features: Melee mixed type, with a high stun probability for basic continuous attacks.


Magicians have powerful magic that can attack multiple enemies at the same time, but their defense power is low. Once surrounded by enemies, it is easy to fall into danger. (Recommended for intermediate players)


Physics scholars have multiple summoning skills, and they have a strong group output ability in PVE. The scholars of the Magic Department possess four-attribute attack skills, light, dark, water, and fire, and auxiliary skills, and their instant output ability is extremely strong.


Summon spirits or dance to torture enemies. Use all kinds of support to help teammates. Occupation mainly dark attribute attacks.


The basic setting is a close-range occupation, and long-range attacks can also be carried out by using chain sickle or shuriken. Has high lethality and fast avoidance skills.

Game evaluation

Overall, “Dragon Nest” is not bad. The playability is still relatively high, super cute and cute characters, simple operation methods, many interesting copies, passionate arena, the only drawback is the single gender of the role.

The audio and video effects of the game are already perfect, but with the update of the version, the details of the characters have not been perfected, which will make the player feel a little disappointed (of course not only because of this aspect), but the game is cute The character modeling, in-place 3D rendering and vivid combat effects are also enough to ensure that players enjoy a gorgeous sensory feast. Its bright picture style positioning corresponds to a wide range of players.

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