Endless Legend

Strategy Game

Endless Legend is a turn-based strategy war chess game. Players need to create their own kingdom and form a large army to conquer everywhere, looking for powerful artifacts, continuously improving their strength, and finally recovering all regions. The game is divided into a story mode and a free adventure mode. Players can choose one of eight major civilizations to start their own adventure. Those who like strategy games may wish to try it!

Story Background:

The sun still rises, another hard day. Food must be planted, industry must be constructed, technology and magic must be developed, and wealth must be gathered. But what drives these simple efforts is an urgent need-your planet has experienced an unexplained catastrophe. The winter that has just passed is the harshest in history. The situation was similar in the previous five winters.

Uncover the lost secrets of the world, uncover the mysteries of legends and ruins, whether it is true or legendary, you will see that you are not the case. Other people are constantly struggling for survival, development, and even conquest.

You own a city, a group of loyal residents, and a small army. Your force and magic should be enough to keep them alive. But beyond this, it’s hard to say…Where are you going? What did you find? How to react? Along the way, will it be sprinkled with flowers or blood?

Game Features:


Choose one of the eight civilizations, and you will lead them. Each civilization has different gameplay and plot.
Survive the cold and dark period that drove Auriga into desperation. Will Auriga belong to you too?
Randomly generate worlds and tasks, and experience endless replayability.
Set the size, shape, terrain, etc… to create the exclusive world you want to explore.


Conquer the village, then build and develop it into a mighty fortress and a thriving city.
Assimilate powerful small factions, use their characteristics wisely, and use their armies.
Hire heroes, equip them, train them, and make them military leaders and city supervisors.
Find mysterious artifacts and lost techniques to enhance your civilization.


Explore new advanced technologies and continuously evolve your civilization.
Collect dust, gorgeous things and strategic resources that can be exchanged in the market.
Through trade and diplomacy, we are always one step ahead of other civilizations.
Choose different victory conditions and dynamically modify your strategy.


Experience the innovative dynamic synchronous round-making battle system.
Use the army’s equipment, skills, and terrain to defeat the enemy.
Reduce and jump out of the battle screen, seamlessly manage other aspects of the empire.
Build your own civilization and fight against the civilization created by your friends.

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