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“EVE Online” (“EVE Online”) is a PC-side online game developed by Icelandic CCP. The game entered China in 2006, during which it stopped serving several times and changed its agent. Operated by NetEase Game Agent on August 1, 2018.

The game takes the grand space as the background, highly integrates hard science fiction elements, and presents a free virtual universe sandbox world for players. Players drive various spaceships through thousands of star systems and unknown wormhole spaces. Various activities can be carried out in the game’s sandbox universe, including mining, industrial manufacturing, scientific research, financial trade, exploration of archaeology, and PVP/PVE combat. The types of activities that players can engage in increase with the learning of related skills. Even if the player is not online, the learning of skills in the game is always going on.

“EVE Online” has won many world game awards including GDC. It has been awarded the title of “World’s Best Game” on the most famous game website “MMORPG” in Europe and America. Included in well-known exhibition halls such as art museums. Out of the sandbox concept, EVE gathers all players in a single server and only sets up the world server (Tranquility) and the Chinese server (Dawn). In addition, two games, “DUST 514” and “EVE: Valkyrie”, developed independently for the realization of integrated air, space and ground operations, will cooperate with “EVE Online” in the near future to achieve a trinity battlefield linkage.

Background setting


The universe on the eve of the Star Wars is an unknown world far away from the earth. In the vast and deep depths of the universe, how far away is this mysterious galaxy called “New Eden” by later generations? Always foggy. When human beings enter this brand new world through a natural wormhole, they are also lost in the star-studded scene in front of them, not knowing where they are. However, people’s desire to explore the new world has not been affected by this. In less than a century, “New Eden” has become the ideal cradle for the birth of the light of civilization. Countless adventurers and gold diggers shuttle through the EVE star gate all day long, and the colony of the new world is even more open. Flowers flourish.

However, in an unexplainable disaster, the gate of EVE collapsed without warning. The huge energy destroyed New Eden. Thousands of colonies were scattered on all sides, separated by light years. The suffering mankind finally lost the opportunity to return to his hometown forever.
After fifteen thousand years of vicissitudes, the surviving descendants of humans are suffering from rebirth and destruction. The human super civilization that was inexhaustible in the galaxy in the past has become a legend, replaced by Emma, ​​Gallente, Gadari, Minmatar and Jupiter five interstellar countries, they and some small-scale forces prop up the EVE world. Although the war continues, peace is still maintained in the big situation.

Story background

For the earth civilization of the galaxy, this is history. For the ancient civilization of New Eden, this is a legend. For the existing interstellar forces and the alliance of clones to which the player belongs, all this is almost unknown.

The role of setting

Game race

After entering the game, players must choose one of the four races of Emma, ​​Caldari, Gallente, and Minmatar to create a character. The race cannot be changed after creation.
There are different prestige values ​​between races in the game. When receiving NPC tasks, the system will require different race prestige values. For example, if a character is Caldari, you will see Emma and Caldari prestige after completing the novice teaching task The value is higher, while the reputation value of Gallente and Minmatar is lower.
The prestige value in the game can be increased by completing the corresponding racial task. It should be noted that one party will increase and the other party’s hostile prestige will definitely decrease. Details can be confirmed in the game.

Attributes and skills

The player character in this work includes five basic attributes: perseverance, intelligence, charm, perception, and memory. Each skill has a primary attribute and a secondary attribute. The higher the attribute corresponding to a skill, the faster the skill points increase. The faster, the training time will decrease.
Players can increase their own attributes by using the implant slot, or use the skill injector to increase their own skill points, or use the skill extractor to take out their own skill points and trade with others. The skill injector is the skill extractor Generated.

Scene map

The EVE universe contains more than 7,000 star systems. Players can freely enter and exit any planetary system except those controlled by the Jovian Empire. Each planetary system is linked by a stargate, several planetary systems linked by a stargate are assembled into a constellation (Constellation), several adjacent constellations are combined into a star region (Region), and the entire EVE universe consists of 64 Consists of a star field. Each planetary system has a safety index between 0.0 and 1.0. Planetary systems with a safety index greater than 0.5 are called high safety zones, and planetary systems with safety indexes between 0.1 and 0.4 are called low safety zones. All planetary systems in which the safety index is less than 0.0 are marked as 0.0 and are called lawless areas, which contain a large number of pirates and are controlled by the player alliance.

The number of planetary systems varies greatly. In alliance wars or trading venues, a single planetary system can accommodate more than 600 people, while a planetary system deep in space may only accommodate one player. A planetary system usually contains a star, several asteroid belts, planets, satellites, space stations, star gates and complexes. Players can anchor the player’s interstellar structures in the orbit of the satellites for production or mining of planetary resources. The planetary belt is used to mine minerals or hunt wandering pirates for bounty. The deadspace complex is a group of pirate bases or archaeological sites linked by acceleration gates. Some complexes need to be discovered by detectors. In addition, some planetary systems contain important historical sites, such as the location of the Eve Gate wormhole or the wreckage of the destroyed Titan flagship. After the 49-U6U battle in 2014, the 49-U6U galaxy also established a relic to commemorate the battle, which contains hundreds of Titan wrecks that fell on the 49th battlefield.

Featured System

Combat system

EVE-Online is a multiplayer online role-playing game based on PvP. Because of the nature of the game, the combat system has become one of the most important game systems in EVE. The battle in EVE covers two aspects: player-to-player PvP, and player-to-NPC PvE. The two types of combat have their own characteristics and many commonalities.
The battle in EVE is different from many other online games. In EVE, there is no concept of occupation and moves in the traditional sense. The offensive and defensive tactics used by the player in the battle depend on what type of equipment the player uses.

Death penalty

When the player’s ship is destroyed, the escape capsule containing the pilot’s body will automatically eject into space. At this time, the escape capsule is also threatened by being destroyed. If the escape jump succeeds, the player will not be punished. The opponent may take measures such as interference jump to prevent the escape capsule from jumping and escaping. At this time, if the escape capsule fails to jump, it is likely to be destroyed by the opponent. Destroying the escape capsule means the death of the pilot, that is, the character’s body. After the character dies, it will directly cause the various implant slots in the body to be irreversibly scrapped. At the same time, the ship in the battle will be completely scrapped, some of the equipment and cargo will be destroyed, and the rest of the undestroyed parts will remain in the wreckage of the ship. The opponent can open and loot these items at will, if it is destroyed The ship has purchased insurance, and the victim will receive a certain amount of compensation provided by the insurance company to make up for some of the losses in the battle.

After the character’s space capsule is destroyed, a new body will be resurrected on the space station where the player accepted the clone. If the clone has not been done, the player’s body will be resurrected on the space station where the player first entered the game. The cloned space station can be replaced, please confirm in the game for details.

Player team

Legion is the form of player organization in EVE. Any player can establish a legion and participate in the management of the legion. The corps can be in many forms, business, military, industrial technology can be defined by the players themselves.

Although the design of the corps management system is very flexible and changeable, it also provides a lot of necessary tools to help manage the organization. As the founder of the corps-CEO, you can grant positions to the members of the corps and give them more or less rights to use the property of the corps. All operations of the legion are carried out in the legion management interface.

POS, Star City System

Player Owned Structure (Player Owned Structure), POS and Star City are all built on the Lagrangian point of the satellite. The collective name of the movable building group is also called the home planet building. POS and Star City have various functions, including declaring the sovereignty of the galaxy, protecting allied ships, conducting satellite collection, producing secondary raw materials, manufacturing various ships and equipment, researching blueprints, refining ore, assembling ships and so on.

PVP system

“Eve Online” uses an open PVP (Player versus Player) system. In any area of ​​the game, players can lock and fire on other players. In order to balance this mechanism, the game uses a safety index system to classify each planetary system. The high-safety zone (0.5~1.0) is protected by the NPC police in the game-the Integration Department, which is available in all star gates and space stations. The ship and guard turret guarded by the integration department will be attacked by the integration department once the player fires at other players arbitrarily. However, this does not mean that it is absolutely safe in the high security area. A planned suicide attack can be integrated Destroy your ship before destroying the Suicide Ship and let their companions seize the cargo on the ship. If the player commits a crime in the empire area (0.1~1.0), the relationship with the integration department will be reduced. If the player only shows offensive behavior, he will lose a little relationship. Destroying the ship will cause a more serious relationship decline, the most serious of which It is to destroy the player’s escape pod. The lower the relationship between the player and the integration department, the lower the security level of the planetary system that can be entered. In addition, bringing contraband into the Empire area will also lose the relationship with the race and the Ministry of Integration.

The low security zone (0.1~0.4) only has sentry turrets near the space station and the star gate. Except for these two places, attacking other players will not cause the attack of the integrated department. The attacking ability and range of the sentry turret are limited. Certain situations cannot effectively prevent crime. The lawless zone (0.0) is not under the control of the Integration Department at all. Alliances in this area form alliances with each other and compete for control of important planetary systems.

Trading System

EVE has the most powerful and realistic economic system in the world’s online games, and its scale is as difficult as the real world economy. Leaving aside complex production, manufacturing, logistics, consumption and other factors, just talk about the trading system. Intuitively, EVE’s market is similar to the real stock market, with real-time changes in prices as the basic condition, free by players or NPCs Quotation, and finally the buyer and seller declare the transaction. The “market” in EVE is actually a transaction of “buying” and “selling”, which is similar to the real stock system. All transactions are carried out through pending orders, even if you directly right-click to buy or sell items, they are also traded under the default most advantageous price conditions. With very few exceptions, almost all orders in the market are created by players.

Mission system

The NPC agent in “EVE Online” grants players different types of tasks depending on the part they belong to. The difficulty of the task ranges from level 1 to level 5. The higher the level, the greater the difficulty. For example, agents of the security department give players more combat tasks. Players will be given bonuses and Loyalty Points when they complete the task. If the player completes the task within the time limit, there will be additional bonuses. Completing the task also increases the standing of the player and the company to which the agent belongs, and reduces the standing of the rival company. Improving your reputation with the NPC company allows players to accept more challenging and highly rewarding tasks.

Game Reviews

The game screen is too dim, and there are too few bright scenes. The beginner tutorial has a certain degree of difficulty, and it takes a lot of time for players to get started.

Each galaxy in the game has a different security level, and new players can easily stray into the low-security galaxy and cause the ship to be destroyed.

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