Evoland is a stand-alone game developed by Shiro Games and released by Thunder Games. The type of game is role-playing. The main role is the male protagonist Klinke, the son of dragon. Koris, the heroine. “Evolutionary Land” refers to the evolutionary process of RPG such as The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy, allowing players to observe the evolutionary history of the entire RPG game from the game.

Game Introduction

Evoland is an independent RPG game produced by Shiro Games, but it is actually a playable game chronicle! The player will turn back to the only warrior who can save the princess, travel through the evolutionary history of 20 years of RPG games, and take a journey of memories through time and space. The game starts with a retro silent pixel painting, then becomes 256 colors, and finally full 3D! Scrolls, mazes, traps, cards, dungeons, treasure chests, heroines, demons, spaceships…the game has more and more elements. The evolution from 8 pixels to full 3D images! Changes from the FC era to the next generation! From 2D turn-based to 3D real-time combat! 20 years of game adventure!

Game Settings

The game starts with a retro pixelated picture, with no color difference or sound. Then slowly the picture becomes a 32-bit color picture, and you can still hear the sound effects of the game. Then, the player gets the sword and starts fighting with the monster. Then you start accepting the task, complete the task, and get the gold coins to start the process. Transactions and more. The game will lead you from the FC era to today’s 3D action game. More than 20 years of RPG growth history allows you to experience it in the game.

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