“Fall Guys” Official Exposes “Cheater Island”: A Quarantine Point for Cheating

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Mediatonic once again announced last week that it is working on an update to combat the cheating problem of “Fall Guys”. Today, Mediatonic exposed the anti-cheating system set up in the early game development process.

It turned out that “Fall Guys” had its own built-in anti-cheat system when it was released, including “Cheater Island” of “Fall Guys”, “a magical place where cheaters can happily share Compete for the cheaters’ crown for their opponents.”

However, it is also difficult to use “Cheater Island” to prevent cheating. In order to prevent misjudgment of cheating, developers have adopted a very inefficient and slow method to lower the detection threshold for cheaters. Therefore, since there are not enough cheaters to enter “Cheater Island” and their number is not enough to fill a server, cheaters in the early stages of the game will often find themselves “fallen forever” and get stuck on the loading screen. It looks like a bug. Regarding this issue, Mediatonic did not talk too much.

Later, as the number of cheating players increased, “Cheater Island” was quickly filled up, but this brought another problem. The cheaters cooperated with their friends and family to play games on “Cheater Island”. Intensified cheating.

Mediatonic pointed out a video clip of the game suspected to be in “Shenzhen Island”

Mediatonic said: “We do know that the game is going on on’Cheater Island’, we just don’t know how much these videos show. Therefore, we closed the’Fairy Island’, but cheaters can’t log in to the game now.”

Currently, the anti-cheat system of “Fall Guys” is under development, “We actually added Epic’s anti-cheat feature, which will be a huge improvement because we are still improving!”

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