Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Casual Game

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a multiplayer brawl fight variety game developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital. Bilibili is the exclusive content cooperation platform of the game in China.

While it might seem like another one of those indie, underdog contenders, it’s truly unlike any other battle royale you’ve played so far – and that’s a good thing.

For starters, there are no guns or any kind of violence, whether realistic or cartoon. The titular Fall Guys aren’t supersoldiers but adorable, highly customisable bean-shaped avatars with a penchant for getting back up after being repeatedly knocked down or over.

Nonetheless, they all have what it takes to stumble to glory in a game that harkens back to absurd obstacle TV game shows like WipeoutIt’s A Knockout! and Takeshi’s Castle, with colourful livery that recalls ’90s after-school children’s TV shows like Fun House.


In this large-scale variety show scene, players and a large number of contestants will face a competition that “wants to wear the crown will take advantage of the chaos”. Players must flexibly deal with obstacles that grow savagely, squeeze away clingy opponents, and charge staggeringly. From the moment you step into the arena, please throw your face and reason out of the sky, and enjoy the hilarious entertainment scene as you challenge the crown.

Instead of an ever shrinking map, Fall Guys is structured as a game show that’s played out in a maximum of five randomly selected rounds. Each is a mini-game similar to what you might find in Mario Party with similar straightforward rules, albeit a larger group of players – which is the major chaos factor.

These rounds come in a variety of formats, ranging from free-for-alls to elimination rounds. There are also frantic team challenges where you’re temporarily forced into shaky alliances with players you may have just been sabotaging in the previous round.

Whether team-based or free-for-all, there’s always a strong group dynamic at work and that’s another way Fall Guys separates itself from other battle royale games. While most other games have a gradual build-up – unless you enjoy dropping into a hotspot – this game throws you into the thick of things almost immediately. But don’t fret, with its idiotproof gameplay – you only need to know how to run and jump – Fall Guys welcomes the most casual of gamers.


This work was announced at E3 in June 2019 and will be released on Windows and PlayStation 4 on August 4, 2020. Before the release, it was officially announced that “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” will be free for PlayStation Plus members.

On August 22, Mainland China Operations announced that Bilibili had won the exclusive agency of this mobile platform game, and it would open appointments on the same day.

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