Fantasy Westward Journey


“Fantasy Westward Journey” is an online game developed and operated by China NetEase. The game is based on the story of the famous chapter story “Journey to the West”. Through the characters in the Q version, it tries to create a romantic online game style.

“Fantasy Westward Journey” has more than 310 million registered users, a total of 472 sets of charging servers, and a maximum of 2.71 million concurrent users (14:45 on August 5, 2012), which was the online game with the highest number of concurrent users in mainland China at that time. The game was renamed “Fantasy Westward Journey 2” on June 24, 2013. The computer version of “Fantasy Westward Journey” was officially named on February 29, 2016.

Game Background

Thousands of years ago, Chi You regained chaos and provoked a battle between immortals and demons. In order to protect themselves, human beings either devoted themselves to one of the two sides, or formed a team of their own. A melee of the three realms of man, immortal, and demons kicked off. The war is raging, and order no longer exists. At the end of the war, the conspiracy of Chi You was revealed. The heroes of the tribe of humans, immortals and demons joined hands to fight Chi You back to the altar of God of War, and sealed it for thousands of years.

From the time to Datang Zhenguan period. The War of the Three Realms has subsided for more than 500 years, and the world has restored peace and prosperity. The world is divided into four continents, and beings are different from good to evil. Dongsheng Shenzhou lives in strange beasts and immortals, absorbs the essence of the sun and the moon, respects the heavens and the earth, and is calm and calm; Beiju Luzhou is dominated by barbarians, with many ferocious birds and beasts, which is extremely dangerous; Xiniu Hezhou has many hidden courtyards, The practice of yin and yang can nourish the qi and potential souls to live a long life; while Nanzhan Buzhou is a place of the world’s greatest dust, and it is also a place where humans, demons and immortals live together.
The numerous beings in the world are divided into three races: human, immortal, and demon. Each race has different talents and has its own strengths. The detached and elegant fairy clan can master the aura of heaven and earth, and can transform them into a variety of supernatural powers; the demon clan who walked out of the shadows are good at killing, and they often have super combat power and resistance; they seem ordinary. In the flames of war, human beings have learned the principles of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements and evolved into mysterious spells and martial arts. And try to tap your own powerful spiritual power and stand among the three realms. Each of the three tribes established four martial sects to recruit disciples, impart skills, and strengthen their reputation.

The life of the Guanyin Buddhist audience, after the Three Realms War, the demons raged, and the lotus flower of human nature in the world had withered. Evil and desire have gradually grown, swallowing up the goodness in the soul, and introducing huge potential into the boundless darkness, and the Buddha’s Tathagata has the Tripitaka scriptures, which can persuade people to be kind and send them to the east, for fear of the ignorance of sentient beings. He slandered the mantra, so he decided to recruit people who are destined to the Buddha to find the five destined people to learn from the world. The story of “Fantasy Westward Journey” unfolds. Players will get a golden lotus after experiencing a period of encounters, become a person with Buddha’s destiny, accept the mission of looking for the destiny and learn the scriptures, and help them to open their eyes and see the truth.

Among the five destined people, there is Master Jin Chan who was demoted to earth under the seat of the Buddha; there was Marshal Tianpeng who had molested Chang’e and was thrown into the world and cast pig fetuses; some of them smashed the glass cup to anger the king. Mother, a general who was sent off to suffer in the world; Xiao Bailong, the son of a dragon who was wronged and aggrieved; and there was also the reincarnation of the demon monkey, Sun Wukong, who made trouble in the heaven five hundred years ago and made all the gods fearful. These five people may have a bleak life experience, or have infinite knots, or even forget all the cause and effect of previous lives, and become dull and uncivilized. The four seas are so big, where to look for, how to persuade them to be willing to travel through thousands of mountains, travel through thousands of rivers, to seek truth from the Buddha, persuade sentient beings, and resolve millennia of grievances. Everything is unknown, waiting for players to explore.

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