Simulation Game

“FARMING SIMULATOR 20” is a new farm simulation game made by GIANTS Software. It is the latest version officially released for ios and Android.

Featured System

  1. Players can choose male or female protagonists in the game, and can also recruit male assistants and female assistants.
  2. There are many types of farms, including animal husbandry, plantation, forestry and animal husbandry, and sales.
  3. The game adopts the sandbox game play method, in which players will manage a large area of farm.
  4. In addition to their own farms, players can drive trains to transport and sell to other game scenes.
  5. New elements have been added to the animal husbandry, especially the element of pig raising. Animals in the animal husbandry include different specific feeds, which can even affect other farm operations.
  6. Vehicles are also quite rich, with many well-known global brands, such as Lamborghini and so on.
  7. The game has many interactive and detailed gameplay setting elements, and it also supports MOD tool creation.

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