Final Fantasy VII Remake

Simulation Game

“Final Fantasy VII Remake” is a complete remake based on the classic “Final Fantasy7” by Square Enix, but it is not a 1:1 remake of the original. In addition to the graphics innovation brought by the next-generation console, the game’s combat style is also more inclined to “action.” Cloud’s thrust is quite similar to the spear thrust of Noctis in “Final Fantasy 15”, and the game system of the entire game is understandable It is a semi-real-time encounter combat mode, and its biggest feature is to use the ATB slot to carry out a skill attack similar to the turn-based system. Since there is no battle entry and settlement lens, the promotion of the whole game becomes particularly smooth, hoping to bring players a more refreshing hack and slash experience.

The cumulative global sales of “Final Fantasy VII Remake” exceed 5 million sets.

Game introduction

In Sony’s E3 conference, Square Enix borrowed this platform to expose “Final Fantasy VII Remake” for the first time.

“Final Fantasy VII Remake” will be sold in chapters, and each chapter will be like a complete game. The first chapter of the upcoming release will tell the story of Cloud’s escape from Midgar.

“Final Fantasy VII Remake” was released on April 10, 2020, exclusively on the PS4 platform. One year later, log on to the PC platform.

Background setting

The life energy extracted from the planet ─ ─ Moxun.

In Midgar, a hierarchical city with eight magic furnaces, the Shenra Company, a giant company that controls the world through magic, and the anti-Shinra organization that stood up to protect the planet, broke out in fierce conflict. Former Shinra warrior Claude, as a mercenary, participated in the detonation operation of the No. 1 magic furnace of the avalanche. The explosion of the magic furnace resounded through the eighth district. In the town plunged into the sea of ​​flames, the misty phantom of the dead enemy appeared. Claude chased after the phantom of the past that longed to be eliminated, and finally met her. The flower girl handed out a yellow flower, the flower language is reunion.

At this moment, a group of dark shadows ─ ─ Destiny Watcher surrounded the two. Now, the mind will circulate on the planet again.

Game Reviews

Although the current content is only equivalent to a part of the original work, the detailed filling and background extension of many important plots still make it reach the size of a 3A-level RPG. The movie-like luxurious plot interpretation, smooth and gorgeous battles, and rich weapons and growth systems make the process of playing always full of fun and freshness. The level design is the only obvious shortcoming of this work.

Players’ expectations for “Final Fantasy VII Remake” are as high as the sky. Although boring fillings and cumbersome new content may have caused this work to encounter, in the end this classic is still relying on an excellent RPG The standards have come back to life.

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