Final Fantasy XIV


FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn, abbreviated as: FF14 is a 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Japanese game developer (Square Enix). The first test was launched on April 23, 2014, and on August 27, 2014 It is officially tested in mainland China and is the fourteenth game in the Final Fantasy series.

“FINAL FANTASY XIV” is the latest work in the series, and the story is mainly about the story after Louis Sova transmits the Warrior of Light.

In the world’s largest MMO media MMOsite, “FINAL FANTASY XIV” won the “Best New MMO Game Award”, “Most Popular MMORPG Award”, “Best Picture Award”, “Best Sound Effect Award”, and Won the “Must Play” award on M!Games Magazine.

Story background

The story of the game is described in Eorzea, where countries have competed with each other and had a history of bloody wars. Nevertheless, because Eorzea is considered to be a land loved by the gods, it still attracts many adventurers, mainly because it is considered to be here. There is a “crystal”, and players will start a new adventure story here.

Each city in Eorzea regards one of the twelve gods as the patron saint. Due to territorial and interest disputes, each city has a long history of war; however, 15 years ago, it was regarded as the six existing cities of Eorzea Ala Mhigo, a powerful country in China, was captured by the Garlean Empire. Garlean led the navigating warships and armed soldiers to attack. Other cities in Eorzra faced this threat and decided to secretly sign a military alliance and cooperate. The continued aggression brought Eorzea into an era of temporary peace.

In order to prevent possible war storms in the future, the new military alliance plans to strengthen its defenses, but in the past few cities had their own troops and mostly used mercenary systems. After the fall of Ala Mhigo, they re-established a regular city defense army to quickly mobilize when needed. But this also caused many mercenaries to lose their jobs and become dangerous members of the society. At this time, the capable mercenary captains began to gather capable mercenaries and the people to form mutual aid organizations, hoping to resolve various disputes. In this context, the prelude to the player’s adventure is about to unfold.

Eorzea is set as the initial adventure stage for the adventurers of “Final Fantasy XIV”, with the mainland and surrounding islands, as well as the sea city Limsa Lominsa, the sand city Ul’dah, the forest city Gridania and so on.

Game occupation

There are a variety of careers that adventurers can choose from in the world of Eozea. In order to better deal with the wild environment, the initial profession of all adventurers is a combat elite—a master who listens to the call of the horn of war and uses a weapon—or a magician—a learned person who studies all mysteries.

Experienced adventurers can join other military positions to make their skills more diverse. If you have a more peaceful pursuit, you can become a messenger of the earth—a profession that collects natural resources in Eorzea, or you can choose a profession that can craft natural resources for profit.


SE completed an almost impossible task. They successfully brought a “disaster” MMORPG back to life by remaking it instead of transforming it for free. The new FF14 not only has the elements of traditional MMORPG, but also feels “this is the final fantasy world I want” everywhere. Sincerely applaud the development team led by Yoshida Naoki!

Although FF14 did not bring any earth-shaking revolution to the MMORPG genre, it was like the rebirth of the subtitle of the game. FF14 successfully achieved the nirvana of the phoenix, transforming from a terrible game that draws a tiger into a dog MMORPG masterpieces that most people can enjoy. If you are a MMORPG fan, then you have no reason to miss FF14.

In general, the freshman FF14 handed in a satisfactory answer. Perhaps the most accurate positioning of FF14 should be a MMORPG that integrates the concepts of Eastern and Western games. We also hope that the national service of Shanda’s agent (now Sheng Fun Games) can start testing earlier, so that domestic players will also have the opportunity to reveal this. The mystery of this masterpiece.

Square Enix is ​​indeed worthy of praise this time. Naoki Yoshida led his team not only to fix a large number of problems in the original game, but also far beyond people’s expectations.

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