“FiNC HOME FiT” can make people breathless, but it is not worth recommending

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The popularity of “FiNC HOME FiT” has set off a wave of moving various somatosensory sports games to the NS platform. It is somewhat similar to the situation where manufacturers used their brains to transform various games into somatosensory control and use their brains on the Wii, but it is obvious For NS consoles, Joy-Con’s somatosensory function is just one of many selling points. Many traditional games on the platform that do not support these special operations have also achieved impressive results. This obviously effectively prevents NS from embarking on Wii and WiiU. NS is undoubtedly more comprehensive in terms of comprehensive ability, the old way that gives people an alternative impression.

It is precisely because of this that, for the audience of NS, even if “FiNC HOME FiT” is ahead, if the developer does not show sincerity and creativity in terms of gameplay, content depth, and form of expression, everyone will not Follow the trend to buy newly launched fitness games, even if Joy-Con’s somatosensory function is perfect, the overall light user group of NS and this kind of game fit well, it does not mean that manufacturers can lie down and make money. Get it.

Looking back at the new somatosensory sports game “FiNC HOME FiT” that landed on NS on October 29th, first of all, “FiNC” itself is not small. It is the leading sports/health app in Japan, with a total download volume of over 9.5 million. It can comprehensively record and manage the user’s weight, dietary calories, steps, physiology, and sleep effects. It also uses big data AI to formulate different training plans according to the different basic conditions of each person, which is more than similar applications such as Keep. It fits the life scenes and habits of Japanese users.

“FiNC HOME FiT” is a somatosensory sports game authorized by the outsourcing developer Pocket. The biggest difference from the original “FiNC” is that it removes many of the unique functions and content of the smartphone APP, and compresses the game into a rhythmic game. Elemental action somatosensory game. You don’t need Joy-Con and other equipment other than the NS host to play the game. Just remember to tie the Joy-Con to your wrist with a fixed rope, because there are many punches, hands, kicks. action.

The specific form of the game is very simple. After entering the game, the player will face a virtual coach. She/he will face the player to give instructions and perform actions throughout the whole process, and the player must imagine her/him as the one in the mirror. Judging the left and right, following the rhythm of the music and the graphic instructions on the screen in each specific training level, making the correct action at the precise beat, in terms of form, is somewhat similar to audio games such as “Audition”. But the content characteristics are completely different.

The basic posture of the player during the game requires the feet to stand forward and backward, the body slightly sideways, and both hands are raised to protect the chest in a defensive posture. There are 8 fixed rhythm points at the bottom of the screen, and the yellow cross logo will follow the beat and move from left to right at a certain speed on these 8 points to remind the player when to act.

The circular signs that prompt actions are also distributed on these 8 points. When the yellow cross mark coincides with the circular icon, when the player swings the Joy-Con to make an action, the action is based on the beat accuracy of the swing. The effect from high to low is “Excellent”, “Great”, “Good” and “Miss”. The first three situations are all classified as hits. Continuous hits can accumulate combo counts, and the last one will be interrupted when it appears. Combo, but there is no setting such as blood volume in the game, so no amount of “Miss” will cause the game to fail, but it will affect the final score. Similarly, no matter how good the score is, the player will not get other rewards other than points.

In other words, the level experience of “FiNC HOME FiT” can be understood as an audio game completed with fighting actions. It is like twin brothers with “Fitness Boxing”. Both are also rhythmic sports somatosensory games. , There are also virtual coach settings, and the design of “step on point and punch” is the same. The only difference is that “FiNC HOME FiT” adds many other fighting genres in addition to common boxing moves, including elbows, Top knees, kicks, etc., each action has to distinguish between left and right directions. When different actions occur continuously, the player’s reaction and preparation time are very short, and there is a feeling of rushing when playing.

But on the other hand, Joy-Con is after all just a motion sensor in the hand, which determines that even the lower body motion system is actually determined by the movement trajectory of the hands, which causes the player to perform non-standard and improper actions. , And it is very likely that it will not affect the final judgment. You can even use a simple displacement deception system like “FiNC HOME FiT”, but since you have purchased such a sports game, it is unavoidable that you are a little bit self-deceiving if you are still thinking about being lazy. .

Like “FiNC HOME FiT”, this game also encourages the development of players’ exercise habits through small burdens and long-term system planning, rather than focusing on the amount of exercise on a certain day. This concept is embodied in the game mode. “Personal Training” is equivalent to “Story Mode”. After completion, a “check in” mark will appear on the exercise calendar, but this mode can only play one system setting per day. It takes about 10 minutes to set a continuous level, and the system shows that it consumes less than 100 calories.

After the check-in is completed, you can no longer continue with the levels behind the “Personal Exercise” mode. If you still feel uncomfortable, you can only choose an independent exercise level in the “3 Minute Fitness” mode. These levels are distinguished by different colors in the menu according to different exercise parts and focuses, including warm-up, boxing, kicking, etc. The intensity of each level is almost the same as the main line, and it is basically maintained at the level of a five-minute round. Exercise Will not be too burdensome.

It is worth mentioning that most of the levels in “3 Minute Fitness” are in a state to be unlocked at the beginning. You need to unlock these levels in the “Personal Exercise” mode before you can choose freely, and “Personal Exercise” It can only be done once a day, which is equivalent to locking the unlocking efficiency of the new level, and it is easy for the player to have nothing to do at the beginning.

As for the exercise effect that many people care about, the actual body feel is similar to that of “Fitness Boxing”, but because the exercise time of each level is relatively short, it is easy to give people a feeling of unfulfilled feelings. In addition, since the movement parts are basically limited to the arms and a small amount of leg muscles, it feels that the body’s range of motion is not very large, and the whole person cannot stretch, unlike “FiNC HOME FiT”, which can target the whole body muscles. .

According to the exercise record of my own Garmin running watch, the average 30-minute “FiNC HOME FiT” can consume 220 to 240 calories, which is about the same as the efficiency of normal indoor aerobic exercise. Although it is not as good as jogging, it is not as effective as jogging. For casual players who are used to it, it is a good starting point for low-burden sports life.

to sum up

Regardless of the content of the exercise, the effect of the exercise, or all aspects of the game itself, “FiNC HOME FiT” has too many flaws. Not only is the basic experience of the game very similar to “Fitness Boxing”, but there is nothing compared to it. The progress or innovation worth mentioning is even more incomparable with the well-deserved king of such games “FiNC HOME FiT”. The monotonous game experience and lackluster expressiveness are really uninteresting. If you really want to pass the game For players who come to exercise, it is enough to start directly from “FiNC HOME FiT”.

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