“Genshin Impact”: Let’s talk about the character design of Genshin Impact, and also talk about the mission and plot.

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The game “Genshin Impact” is well-made, novel in gameplay (for the current mobile game market), and exquisitely crafted (knocking a few heads for the modeler), but the various details cannot withstand hard-core scrutiny, and there are all kinds of bad things. The operation of the heart affects the player’s gaming experience.

Looking at the whole game plot, it can only be said to be a bunch of technical houses. After watching some days, I moved over and used it. The level is only higher than the elementary and junior high levels before writing skills. It is like a casual brain in elementary and junior high school. Complementary science fiction and historical novels.

Some travelers will interpret the plot and details of “Genshin Impact” as if arkologists analyze “Arknights”, but this is impossible. There are too many bugs in the logic of the original god.

In terms of character design, it is almost inevitable that there are too many female characters. However, male characters seem to be too Korean idols or make many players dissatisfied. There are still some players who say that they want to design some “pure men’s temperament male characters.”

The current text is not enough to allow the son to join the protagonist’s camp without fail. As a senior general among the fools, why should he wander with the protagonist? The status quo of the protagonist is always erratic. This is not like the Knife Tower or the Lord next door, where there are residences like Rhodes and Chaldea, so why can’t Mihayou leave the bedroom for the protagonist when the game is developed Well, did the players not think of this question when they were in the internal beta? By the way, a new set of dressing and gameplay can be developed.

To sum up the legendary mission of the son, it is basically a mess caused by a bear kid. In order to prevent his younger brother from understanding the dark world of the adults, the son made up one lie and almost died, but still covered up the truth of the story.

I have to say that this story was a bit touching at first, but just like the male protagonist in a Korean drama taking care of the female protagonist unconditionally, if there is a child who sneaks so far away from home, he will be in trouble. The legendary mission tried to show the other side of the son, but before the master of the golden house was killed by the son at the tolerance point, he also released the ancient devil who almost destroyed the glass moon. Such a deep hatred would hardly change the player’s impression of the son, and players who hate the son Not in the minority.

By the way, the prince is a general in the solstice, or a senior general, and those fools are the army loyal to the queen of the winter solstice, coupled with the people of Liyue, they actually wore the robe, mantle and cheongsam, Liyue is the Republic of China. The Fools even attacked the Qunxing Pavilion in Liyue and went wild. Isn’t this the history of the modern Republic of China? Did the great powers invade China?

Don’t be familiar with this plot anymore, so Liyue’s robe, mandarin jacket and cheongsam costumes, Qiqi’s zombie image of the Qing Dynasty have no Hanfu elements in design, so these can be explained. During the prosperous period of the Han and Tang Dynasties, the Ming Dynasty did not talk about it first, but chose the poor and weak dark era in the history of the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. I don’t know what the intention was. This is why it is called Chinatown, not China, because it makes people feel like a Turk, singing the Turkish military anthem in Hagia Sophia. The Ottoman Empire, whether for good or bad, is full of military virtues, but the end of the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China is unbearable.

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