Genshin Impact

Action Game

“Genshin Impact” is an open-world adventure game produced and released by Shanghai Mihayou. The original test started on June 21, 2019, the second test started on March 19, 2020, and the start test started in June 2020. Opened on the 11th, the technical open test of the PC version started on September 15th, and the public test started on September 28th, 2020. In terms of data, in the case of the same official server, account data between iOS, PC, and Android platforms are interoperable, and players can switch devices under the same account.

The game takes place in a fantasy world called “Tivat”, where people selected by the gods will be awarded the “eyes of god”, the power of guiding elements. Players will play a mysterious character named “traveler” and meet companions with different personalities and unique abilities in a free journey, and work with them to defeat powerful enemies and retrieve lost loved ones-at the same time, gradually discover ” The truth about Genshin Impact.

Background setting

Here is the fantasy world “Tivat” where the seven elements meet.
In the distant past, people were given the power of driving elements through their belief in gods, and they were able to build their homes in the wilderness.
Five hundred years ago, the destruction of the ancient kingdom caused the world to change…
Today, the disaster that has swept across the mainland has ceased, but peace has not come as expected.
As the protagonist of the story, you drifted from outside the world and descended on the earth. You will travel freely in this vast world, meet your companions, and find the seven gods who control the earthly elements until you reunite with your separated blood relatives.

Character setting

Controllable character

Role acquisition

There are many controllable characters in the game. The default characters at the beginning can be male and female, and the gender of other characters is fixed. Characters other than travelers can be obtained through plots, wishes and activities. For example, Amber is the first character in the game that the player can activate through the plot besides the protagonist. Most characters need to be obtained through prayers. The prayers are divided into permanent prayers and activity prayers. The prayers need to consume the fate of encounter or the fate of entanglement.


The characters in the game have physical strength settings, which are consumed in flying, running, swimming, and charged attacks (except for bow and arrow characters). When the physical strength is 0, the character will enter walking (running), falling (gliding and climbing) , Drowning (swimming) and unable to perform a charged attack state. Physical strength can be restored by cooking and rest. When the action is in progress, you can also respond by calling out the panel to eat dishes.

Monster settings

There are many types of monsters in the game, and each monster has its own characteristics and attack methods.

Item props


Players can control the character to have two types of equipment, one is weapons, which are equipped with the corresponding weapons according to the attacking method of the character; the other is holy relics, the props equipped on the character, which will have additional attributes when forming a suit.

Prop enhancement

The game has an enhanced system that can be enhanced by consuming other weapons or enhanced materials. The holy relic has no strengthening materials for the time being, and can only be strengthened by consuming other holy relics. Weapons above three stars also come with affixes, similar to passive, and affixes can be improved through weapon refinement.


The consumables in the game are divided into three categories: currency, material, and cooking. Currency can be obtained by opening treasure chests, dungeon clearance rewards, completing tasks, enshrining idols, and killing monsters; most of the materials are obtained by opening treasure chests and mining; Cooking requires consumable ingredients to be prepared according to the corresponding recipe.

Featured System

Online system

In the game, after the player’s adventure level reaches 16th level, the multiplayer option will be turned on. You can connect with players in the same region and support up to 4 people online. Online players will enter the homeowner’s world. The other three players can obtain various materials in the homeowner’s world, and can also challenge the secret realm together, but they cannot interact with NPCs. If the player is engaged in the main mission or special mission, the multiplayer game will not be possible. Players can only enter the world of players whose world level is equal to or lower than their own, and cannot enter the world of players whose world level is higher than their own.

Acquisition System

There are vast maps and a large number of resource materials for players to collect in the game, and the collection methods of various resources are also slightly different. Generally, the vegetation in the wild and the item points in the town will have flashing points displayed, and the player can directly press the F key when they are close to pick it up. The ore and the apples on the tree need to be obtained by attack, and the corresponding mineral materials can be obtained by attacking and breaking the ore; attacking the apple tree, the fruit on the tree will fall, and then you can pick it up.

Meat is divided into two types: close acquisition and kill acquisition. Fish meat can be picked up after swimming in the water and close to fish. Bird eggs can generally be obtained by climbing to the tree and digging out bird nests. Animals and birds need to be killed to be picked up.

And some special plants, such as flame flowers, ice mist flowers, etc., can only be picked close after attacking with restrained attribute skills. For example, the flame flower needs to use water attribute skills to extinguish the flame, and the ice mist flower needs to use fire attribute skills to drive away the cold.

Camera system

In the game, travelers can record their own unique memories through the camera system built into the game at any time. Click on the little Paimeng in the upper left corner of the game to call up the menu, and click on the camera to enter the photo mode. Press F1 to open the settings menu, engrave on this interface to freely adjust the angle, blur the background, hide information, hide characters, etc. Press F2 to open the pose menu, and you can adjust the character’s actions on this interface. After adjustment, press the Enter button to output images and share photos.

Trading System

In the game, players cannot trade each other, but players can purchase game items from the NPC store. Stores are divided into department stores, food stores, souvenir stores, and alchemy stores. Department stores can buy raw materials for cooking, food stores can buy finished dishes, and souvenir shops can buy character training materials, weapon breakthrough materials, and life seat activation items; The alchemy shop can consume materials and Mora to make potions, character training, and weapon breakthroughs.

Reputation system

“Genshin Impact” version 1.1 of the open system, dialogue with specific NPC, will be able to receive tasks and increase reputation. After the prestige level increases, various prestige rewards will be unlocked. After the player reaches level 25, the city prestige system will be opened. The city prestige is divided into Mond prestige and Liyue prestige. The unlocking condition of Mond prestige is to complete the first act of the prologue of the demon mission “Windcatcher”; Liyue The prestige unlocking condition is to complete the second act of Chapter 1 of the Demon God’s quest “Farewell forever”.

After unlocking the Mond prestige, players can receive the new missions of “Reward for Crusade” and “Request of Residents” at the “Knights of the West Wind” Logistics·Hetar and “Rizuki General Affairs Department” Officer·Xiaoyu, and also receive the “World” The prestige value increase brought by “Explore”, “Mund Mission” or “Liyue Mission”. After the prestige level is increased, you can unlock special city functions and receive rewards such as recipes, prestige props forging drawings, business cards, and wind wings.

Mission system

The missions of “Genshin Impact” are divided into demon missions, legendary missions, commissioned missions, and world missions. The demon mission is the main task, the legendary mission is the role story mission, the commissioned mission is four commissions per day, and the world mission is the mission triggered occasionally in the wild.

In addition, after players reach a certain level, they can start a dispatch mission at Catherine of the Adventurer’s Guild. According to the different areas the player has visited, they can dispatch the idle characters in their team. The products available in different areas are completely clear. different. For example, the specialty products in some regions are rich in meat products, and the products in some regions are rich in mineral resources, and they are all different. What the player has to do is to dispatch the idle characters in their team to different areas to get what they want.

Adventure system

Players can continue to accumulate adventurous experience and reach the upgrade assessment, which can improve their own adventure level. Raise the level of adventure, you can get rewards, unlock plot tasks, and open a richer gameplay system. Players can gain adventure experience by completing tasks, daily commissions, upgrading seven-day idols, exploring treasure chests in the big world, and clearing secrets in order to upgrade their adventures.

When the player reaches a certain level of adventure, the adventure experience obtained through conventional means will no longer be able to improve the level of adventure. At this time, it is necessary to complete the breakthrough task of breaking the upper limit of the adventure level to continue to improve the adventure level. The current status of the adventure experience can be viewed by clicking the Paimeng icon at the top left of the game interface to call up the menu interface.

Combat system

The normal attack actions of different characters are different, the normal attack can trigger a critical strike, and the damage number will be displayed. Except for the continuous light attack of the right mouse button, long pressing the right button can release the heavy hit. In actual combat, the effect of heavy blows is greater than that of light attacks. Because some characters’ heavy attacks have special effects, they can trigger/enhance character skills or be used in special battles. Although the heavy blow is very practical, the heavy blow consumes part of the physical strength and cannot be released when the physical strength is weak.

Element system

There are seven kinds of elements in the game. The character’s small skills and big moves are elemental damage. Small skills do not need elemental energy and can be released repeatedly after waiting for the CD; while the big move requires elemental energy to be activated. Elemental energy is divided into: elemental particles and elemental crystal balls. Elemental particles are obtained during continuous battle with the enemy, and elemental crystal balls are obtained when the enemy is killed.

Elemental Resonance System

Players can check the team’s buff effect named “Elemental Resonance” in the team configuration interface. The mechanism of the elemental resonance system is to detect the element attributes of all the characters of the current team. If any combination of elemental resonance is satisfied, the gain of the combination will take effect for the whole team. If multiple collocations are met at the same time, the stacking takes effect. When the team is full, the resonance effect of the corresponding element is obtained according to the type of character element configured by the team.

Language system

Open the setting interface of “Genshin Impact”, the player can see seven languages ​​in the “Language Options”, namely Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and Thai. There are four types of phonetics: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English.

Game evaluation

The overall gameplay structure of “Genshin Impact” is remarkable. Although the content based on mature design experience in the industry is not too amazing, it still has some ideas of its own, and it is fun to play.

The overall playability of the game is very worthy of recognition. Players never need to worry, there will be nothing to do in the world of “Genshin Impact”, and there is no need to worry about the lack of content updates. In the territory of the seven countries, there will always be new adventures. Waiting for the player to discover.

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