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“Hitman” is a stealth action adventure game developed by IO Interactive and published by Square Enix Europe. It was released on March 12, 2016 and landed on PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms. This work is the sixth work in the “Hitman” series, and is the first work without a subtitle, only “Hitman™” as the title of the game. The sequel is “Hitman 2”.

The story tells the assassination of Agent 47 to various parts of the world, and discovers that there are various patterns hidden behind it, thus involving the experience of “shadow client” and “sacred secret society”.

Background Setting

The prologue tells the story of 47 joining ICA in 1999.

Twenty years ago in the main story of “Hitman”, 47 was taken by a helicopter to a secret base of ICA, and he was greeted by Diana Burnwood. Diana introduced her identity and told 47 that he would be tested by the organization.

Since then, 47 has received and passed the rigorous ICA training at the base. Although the head of training Erich Soders was worried about 47’s extremely professional training and unknown past experience and tried to prevent 47 from joining ICA, Diana helped 47 complete the more demanding final training. 47 successfully completed the task and joined ICA.

In 2000, 47 became a full-time agent of ICA, with Diana acting as his handler.

In 2019, Iago, a global classified intelligence agency, has been peddling through secret bidding and plans to auction top secret information about MI6 agents in the Middle East. This information is unknown to MI6, who immediately hired ICA to remove the hidden danger. The next day, 47 was assigned to go to the Paris fashion show to eliminate Iago’s two leaders-Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis.

The main story of “The Killer” begins here.

The Role of Setting

Protagonist setting

In the game, the player will control 47 to play. 47 There are no settings for skills and levels, but there are settings for physical strength. When the character is exposed and caught in battle, it is necessary to quickly destroy the enemy or change the disguise to avoid the character’s death due to the decline in physical strength.

47 is a human clone made by Dr. Otto Wolfgang Otmeier. Thanks to the extraordinary physical stamina brought by genetic engineering and the rigorous training he has received since childhood, he is good at Assassination is currently the top assassin in the world.
He is currently employed by ICA as an “agent” with Diana Burnwood as his “processor”.

Diana Burnwood is one of ICA’s processors and partner for more than 47 years, providing him with target situation and mission information, and participating in missions to provide remote help. She usually does not show up, except in emergencies or strange events.

Item Props

At the beginning of the mission, you need to plan the mission. The planned mission includes the choice of the protagonist’s clothing, portable weapons, smuggled items, and portable props. Players need to choose appropriate items and props according to the mission objective to plan the assassination method. Due to site restrictions, some mission plans will not be able to carry any props.

In the mission plan, the protagonist can carry up to one concealable weapon and two personal items for the mission, which can be obtained by smuggling designated items to some scenes, and the protagonist goes to the scene. Complete contracts, challenges or other special requirements to get more available items.

In the mission scenario, the protagonist can also obtain corresponding weapons and clothing by picking up, assassinating or knocking down enemies. By changing the costume, the protagonist can be disguised as a specific character or a certain type of character. Depending on the disguise, the type of items that the character can carry, the suspicious level of behavior and the entry permission of different regions are different; the disguise of a specific character can provide players with special Dialogues or tasks to unfold a special storyline.

The weapons and equipment picked up in the mission scene can only be used in the current mission scene and cannot be inherited to other scenes.

Scene Map

The maps in each chapter of “Hitman” are carefully designed small sandboxes, mostly composed of complex duplexes and multi-layer structures. The assassination routes and details that can be found between the scenes are amazing. 47 can choose to penetrate from various unexpected roads. There are a large number of interactive props in the scene. If you want to thoroughly understand the entire level structure, it takes a lot of money. time.

By repeatedly playing map tasks, you can increase the proficiency level of the venue. As the level increases, weapons, equipment, starting locations, item hiding points, and some special items are gradually unlocked.

Featured System

Game mode

At the beginning of the game, the difficulty cannot be selected, but as the map field proficiency reaches level 20, the “Professional” difficulty will be unlocked. The combat difficulty of the professional difficulty will be greatly increased, and the guard’s behavior will be more sensitive. In addition, the ranking of the leaderboard will be unlocked. Reaching level 10 Venue Mastery on “Professional” difficulty will unlock rewards different from normal difficulty. Professional difficulty can only be selected in the main mission.
Contract mode is a new function of the game based on the online mode. Players can mark the NPC in the main mission as the assassination target, and choose to complete the killing through a certain plan. After completing the contract, they can set the required dressing, assassination method and other conditions for the assassination, and upload them to the community for other players to play . The game will also provide upgrade contracts and special contracts for players to try. There are five levels in the upgrade contract, and the target is gradually increased and changed according to the difficulty. There are different additional conditions; the special contract is to kill the target in a prescribed way, disguise and assassinate It must be consistent with the requirements, otherwise the final score will be affected.

In addition, the game provides a “moving target” mode, the target will only appear once, once the mission is over, that is, the target dies or meets some special requirements, it cannot start again. The uncertain target will not be marked on the map, only clues to the location and behavior are prompted through the task overview. The player must complete the task within the game time limit, otherwise the target will disappear and be marked as “missed”.

Mission system

A new “opportunity” function has been added to the mission mode to track some hidden plots in the game. It can be triggered by listening to the dialogue of other characters or obtaining items, and provides a plot corresponding to the completion of the goal. In an opportunity scenario, it is generally necessary to advance through specific disguise or objects and dialogues. In some scenarios, clues may be missed based on time or completion of goals.

The task also provides corresponding challenges, and is divided into assassinations, discoveries, glorious deeds, goals, and special challenges. Challenges can only be unlocked in online mode. Each challenge provides different fixed experience points or special items according to the difficulty of completion. Once completed, it will be marked as completed, and the experience value given by the level will be settled instantly. Special challenges are a series of challenges, which are listed as a single item. Completing them may bring special benefits.

Game Reviews

This assassin has better visual performance and a variety of world scenes. The exquisitely designed map structure and details are amazing; at the same time, the extremely strategic assassination plan keeps the difference in each process. , Massive challenges and various assassination opportunities make this game extremely replayable; coupled with excellent CG and appropriate soundtrack, it satisfies the player’s sense of accomplishment as the “ultimate assassin”.

The large and exquisite open-world levels of “Hitman” constitute an unforgettable murder playground, and its degree of freedom is not lost to the level of the series in the golden age. Although the developers continue to modify the game by adding variables to the current cards, and promised that there will be the content of the next two seasons, but the distant water will not quench the thirst of the near, and it also makes the current “Hitman” at least in terms of size. It looks like a semi-finished product.

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