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Homeworld is a space-themed real-time strategy game developed by Relic. It was released on September 28, 1999. The game is famous for its novel 3D space, a large-scale battlefield and a fascinating story. The plot is arranged in a fictional galaxy. It describes a race that was exiled to the edge of the galaxy by building a space fleet to fight against its own hostile race and gradually regaining its original homeland.

Game Features

Homeworld is known for its single-player campaigns, but this game also includes a multiplayer connection mode. Both single-player and multi-player games are more complicated by the addition of a third dimension. Although the Homeworld interface may be difficult at first, it allows players to fully control their ships in this new battle mode.

Single-player game

In a single player campaign, players can choose to become Cushion or Titan, and the other race will
As an enemy. The two are basically different in appearance (although each race has two unique units), the story itself does not differ due to the choice of race.
In the single player game, Homeworld uses a unique concept of fleet inheritance (or called persistent fleet), and every ship that survived the previous mission will be saved to the next level. Therefore, the ships built in the first level may still exist in the player’s fleet at the end of the game. This feature, plus there are only limited resources in each level, so players must decide the composition of the fleet. But some players think that this makes the game very difficult. When the player’s military strength in the previous level is low, they may be ravaged in some difficult levels in the later stage of the game. Like fighting a large number of guard fleets, or players must destroy huge meteorites that hit the mothership, but the mothership is completely immobile. These tasks require a lot of firepower, but sometimes the player’s firepower is not enough.

Multiplayer game

The process of online games is similar to other real-time strategy games, such as Dune II or the Ultimate Mobilization Series. Players need to scout the map, gather resources, and build units. Since the game takes place in space, it is obvious that the so-called “buildings” in most real-time strategy games will not appear; however, motherships, aircraft carriers, and research ships basically have the same functions, allowing players to build and upgrade operations unit. However, the single-player mode of the game is very innovative, leading players on the journey of finding their home.

The ships in the game range from flexible attack ships to heavy capital ships. Each unit has its own unique function, with different positioning between power, firepower, speed, and cost.

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