If you cross into a certain game and become the villain, who do you want to be?

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For a game with a grand world view, the shaping of the villain’s character is a key element of the game’s charm. From setting the plot task of the villain, to designing the appearance of the character, to the soul core given to the villain by the production team, powerful villains often play a vital role in the game.

For example, for the needs of the plot, the villain is always familiar with and good at attacking the protagonist’s fatal weakness; another example, the villain is always able to force the protagonist into a dilemma, and promote the plot to heat up; not only that, the villain always seems to have something beyond the protagonist. Powerful skills and weapons, to put it bluntly, the villain who has the ability to instantly kill the protagonist, often just because the plot needs to meet their own Bad Ending.

Therefore, this can not help but make people think, if you cross into a certain game and become the villain, who would you want to be? If you don’t consider the direction of the plot, how do you want to manipulate the villain to do whatever you want? The following are the answers given by some editors in the Bonfire editorial department:


Since you asked sincerely, I will tell you compassionately. I want to be the cute and charming villain in the “Pokémon” series: the Rockets, standing in front of Pikachu, said in person the line that I heard countless times as a child (it is a childhood memory):

To prevent the world from being destroyed

To protect the peace of the world

Carry out love and true evil

Cute and charming villain

We are the Rockets traveling through the galaxy!

White hole, white tomorrow is waiting for us!

That’s it! Meow!


If you want to travel to become a villain, the first thing that comes to mind is Virgil. After becoming Virgil, of course, doing what Virgil does best. Do some strange dangerous operations to put the world in danger, and then save the world. Because he is a character that makes people love and hate, love is only found at the end of hate, this kind of awakening recognition cannot be more handsome.

So, here comes the question, if you cross into a certain game and become the villain, who do you want to be? What will you do next?

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