If you want to play “Second Extinction”, it is best to choose multiplayer cooperation mode

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A few days ago, “Left 4 Dead 2” suddenly released a big update that brought many players back. It also reminded many players of the joy of smashing a bloody path from the big wave of monsters with their friends. They want more games like this. The developer Systemic Reaction decided to fill the gap with “Second Extinction”, a multiplayer collaborative dinosaur shooting game. This work is set in the future where humans have retreated into space, and the earth is occupied by mutant dinosaurs. This work has entered the EA stage on October 14th. Players can enter the game to play as a warrior against dinosaurs. Your mission is to reduce the threat of dinosaurs in multiple areas of Alaska. In order to achieve this goal, you need to rescue transport ships or destroy dinosaur nests. It sounds great, but if you plan to play a single player, be prepared to face the ruthless challenge.

There are four different heroes to choose from, which is obviously inspired by multiplayer cooperative games such as “Warhammer: Vermintide 2” and “World War Z”. (New optional characters will be added later) These four dragonslayer masters have their own proprietary skills and equipment, most of which are designed for multiplayer cooperation. Unlike other games of this type, if you cannot find two teammates to form a team, “Second Extinction” does not provide A.I. teammates. In addition, most of the skills are used to assist teammates, which makes it very difficult to stand alone, and it is difficult to escape the chase and interception of groups of Raptors in the wild. It is by no means impossible to pass the customs on a single machine, because a single player can complete all tasks, and there is no need to have enough three people to do it. But after experiencing these two methods, I can say with certainty: Single player is much more difficult, even for FPS masters. The difficulty of “Second Extinction” will not be adjusted according to the number of players, so don’t expect to have fewer dinosaurs in a single player. In addition, in this game, you can only gain experience when completing tasks, and it is even more difficult for a single player to start. Not only was there no weapon upgrade at the beginning, but even many guns could not be used. This creates a very annoying cycle: the equipment can only be upgraded after completing the task, but the equipment will hang up halfway without upgrading the equipment.

Obviously, not everyone is like this, and there must be some players who will soon be able to get through the entire game alone. But for players of average skill level, “Second Extinction” is absolutely difficult. But if you have teammates, it’s a different matter. Teammates can provide assistance to pull away the hatred of the dinosaurs, or provide firepower to help you clean up the mutant dinosaurs. After forming a team, you can complete multiple tasks at the same time, and allocate resources reasonably to complete tasks quickly. This is completely impossible in solo mode. If you are a new player, it is strongly recommended that you team up with others, even strangers.

What? Do you still want to shoot a dinosaur alone? seriously?

You are looking for a dead end.

If you have to do this, I suggest you use the Cavalry Master Jürgen. Although he can only use sniper rifles, assault rifles and shotguns, his skills are the best for lone rangers. His “Q” is a sticky bomb that can be manually detonated and can directly kill a relatively small Raptor, but the biggest effect is to break the armor of “Digger” or blow up an ankylosaurus. “Digger” is the kind of mutant raptor with big arms and digging holes. In addition, you can easily dispose of the dinosaur nests you encounter while exploring.

The old man can also use special abilities to “cover the smell” or passively “low-key”, by squatting down to reduce the possibility of being discovered, allowing him to be “invisible” to the dinosaurs for a short time. This way you have the opportunity to quickly get out of combat, heal yourself, find bullets, or complete an important mission objective. In single player games, patience is the key, otherwise you will easily be overwhelmed by a group of hungry top hunters. As long as you are not doing a defensive task, it is best to spend more time and carefully kill the enemy. I suggest to give priority to the large velociraptors, if they are ignored, they will buff all the small velociraptors. Then there are remote enemies, such as the mutant raptors that can spit acid, otherwise they will annoy you when you kite a large group of dinosaurs.

As for weapons, the assault rifle is particularly suitable for the early stage, with good accuracy, no need to deliberately aim, and the damage is high enough to deal with some relatively fleshy enemies. Concussion grenade is also very useful. You can stun dinosaurs in a large area, which is convenient for you to pull away. In addition, I also recommend bringing a treatment needle to ensure survival. These items can be restocked by picking up equipment boxes, and they are very compatible with Master Jürgen’s skill “Smell Masking”. You can put any items in the airdrop supply package, but I always like to prepare more son bombs because you need a lot of them.

Fortunately, the developer Systemic Reactions has released a blueprint for the development of “Second Extinction”, which includes difficulty selection. Hopefully, this can solve the biggest problems in single player games, so that players who don’t like socializing can also contribute to the great cause of regaining the earth.

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