In-depth Secret: Why is the popular jelly bean man so popular in the world?

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Friends who often play games, recently may often scan some cute Fall Guys pictures on Facebook and Twitter game topics. Seeing those pictures, I believe everyone is as curious as Little 5, where these cute Fall Guys come from.

In fact, they are all characters in the casual game “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout”.

This game was launched on August 4th, and it became popular all over the world in less than a month. Not only did it sell more than 10 million in the first month, 80% of the 160,000 users on Steam gave it good reviews. This is really rare for a game. So, what kind of game is “Fall Guys” and why is it so popular?

The explosion starts with interesting gameplay!

“Fall Guys” is a multiplayer brawl outdoor game developed by Mediatonic. In the game, players will become Fall Guys to participate in online outdoor variety shows, competing with up to 59 contestants on the same stage, competing for the only crown. The game brings together many interesting outdoor gameplays, and these gameplays all have realistic models, catching tails, kicking football, grabbing eggs, sledgehammers, ghost catching people… whimsical challenges, exciting PK, let you completely Immerse yourself in the world of adventure and enjoy the fun of breaking through levels.

Rich gameplay is only the first step to attract players. In order to make players get a better gaming experience, “Fall Guys” also made a bolder design, allowing levels to switch completely randomly, making the previously known gameplay unknown. Challenges. You will never know what you are going to challenge next time-it is possible that you are still in a chaos in this level, fighting other players to the death and death, and in the next second you have to let go of your prejudices and compete with your previous rivals. Cooperate and challenge the group stage together.

I have to say that such a design is really creative. The diversified gameplay combined with super random challenges makes every game of the player full of freshness. In addition, during the game, the rapid transition from competition to cooperation mentality is also a very interesting experience.

Have you seen the 1.83-meter Fall Guys?

In “Fall Guys: Final Knockout”, the eye-catching is not only the levels, but also all kinds of sugar Fall Guys. Many players have joined the team of outdoor barriers because of the cute appearance of Fall Guys. However, Fall Guys, who are very cute in the eyes of everyone, have a very shocking setting, that is, they are actually 1.83 meters tall, which is taller than most adult men…

Because this setting was too subverting the image of Fall Guys, some players said that they could not accept this setting at all, but some players accepted it well and started to spoof based on this setting.

For example, replacing the cover character of a football comic with Fall Guys;

Or paint Fall Guys as muscular men;

Even better, some netizens imagine that Fall Guys is actually a mecha, and there are operators controlling it to fight…

Others compared Fall Guys with men of the same height and found that Fall Guys are really tall and big.

So is the cute Fall Guys competition actually a group of hunks fighting?

Official reorganization! Vote to stay

In addition to its excellent quality, the popularity of “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” is not unrelated to the official ability to clean up.

For example, the yellow team has always been unwelcome in this game. There are often players complaining about the low winning rate of the yellow team, the yellow teammates, the yellow team is really bad luck, and so on.

This problem is obviously difficult to solve, because in the game, the yellow team and the blue team are actually used to distinguish teams, and there is no difference in attributes. In response to this problem, the official proposed a plan to use the amount of Twitter retweets to determine whether the yellow team will stay. If the forwarding volume exceeds 1 million, the game will delete the yellow team.

This method of handling makes people have to admire the official, because deleting the yellow team will not bring much loss, but if it succeeds, the heat will be there, and the official propaganda purpose will be achieved.

Although “Fall Guys” has a lot of reasons for its popularity, in general, it is indeed a good game. If you are interested, it is also good to experience it. What do you think?

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