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Farming is now considered a bad street game, but it is easy to use if it can’t stand it. Take a lot of time from the players, let you talk about the work, and after that, you can move yourself in the most glorious atmosphere of labor. To understand from the thinking of players, this may mean that happiness after suffering will be doubled.

“Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin” released last week wanted to tell everyone: they are serious about farming.

For a long time before the release, “Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin” gave the impression that it was only about farming, and many media prefixed the work to action RPG. But in this case, we must call it ARPG, which is a bit buried in the farming system that has taken a lot of effort.

Before there was a real JK raising pigs, after a game Lolita went to work in the field. Although our protagonist is petite and cute, he is no less professional than an old farmer who has sweated for most of his life under the scorching sun.

In the background of the game, the real loli you play is the daughter of the god of war and the god of harvest. Because of mistakes, she was exiled to the ghost island by the gods to explore and live here.

The setting of the Japanese style myth, in addition to the game style and the ARPG masterpiece “Oboro Muramasa” of the Herb Society of the year, and the goal of planting rice to increase output, the game has the two nicknames “Rural Zheng” and “Yuan Longping Simulator” .

The hard thing is that the game has no hands-on teaching tips. You have to explore it step by step. “Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin” also refines the common seeding, watering and harvesting process in general farming games into the seedling period, cultivation period and harvest period. Each stage requires you to give Rice provides intimate care, real hard core:

The site preparation and seedling planting will let you see its speciality.

It is well known that rice seedlings should be inserted into the soil for cultivation. The specific insertion density will form sparse or dense planting, and the density will have an impact on the growth of rice. The picture is not exquisite, but the details of the farmland are in place.

Then, the control of the rice field water level. It doesn’t work if it is high or low. The water level is not only flexible to adapt to the weather, such as proper drainage on rainy days, and water in sunny days due to high evaporation. Sometimes in order to increase the oxygen content of the soil and other attributes, it is necessary to drain the water in the field specially, which is called drying the field.

Weeding, insect repelling, fertilizing and other systems are also included in the game. Insect pests are controlled by catching frogs, spiders and other natural enemies in the field, or putting them into the fields. The fertilizer needs to be proportioned with various natural materials collected, so that the quality of the rice grown is better and comprehensive. After worrying about pests and diseases, water level, and weather, it’s not the end. When the rice is harvested in autumn, you have to dry the rice to control the humidity of the rice ears; then husk, plow the rice down from the ears; then peel off the brown rice and grind it into refined rice. In later years, there will be a process of screening seeds before planting.

Each link has a special operation, so looking at this work, it is simply a one-stop process from rice planting to rice serving.

In the process, the game information is mixed with many realistic technical terms such as field drying, tillering, and seedling adjustment, which makes it easy to look confused.

It’s no wonder that many Japanese netizens either went to “harass” their friends who are working in agriculture a few days ago in order to find strategies, or they were troubled by farmers’ friends, Amway, and asked them to go to the website of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan to search for information.

In the past few days, I have seen domestic netizens discussing how to play “Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin” more than once. It is serious, professional, and full of funny.

If people can talk about the color map, there is nothing more to be peaceful, it may be farming.

Someone got a good harvest in the first year without looking at any strategy. They exclaimed that it was the first time they knew they were good at farming. The racial talent that people love to grow has been unlocked tens of thousands of years ago. This is a passivity carved into the genes.

Some netizens inadvertently discovered the “evil taste” of the developers when they made farmyard fertilizer. In ancient times, there was no refrigerator, so the ingredients were perishable, but the leakage of the drilling procedure could make the ingredients not deteriorate in three days. As for where the farmyard manure is made…you know everything.

The game is hard-core farming, but fortunately, it goes from simple to difficult to play. In the first year, as long as you don’t poke any big baskets, you can get some new rice by following the process. In the following years, as the scale of planting becomes larger and larger, and the experience of various values ​​becomes better and better, you can grow better quality rice, which will help the ARPG part of the game experience become easier.

According to the setting, little Lori inherited the blood of her mother, the goddess of harvest, so the harvest will make her stronger. It is specifically expressed in the six quality attributes of rice, corresponding to the six ability values ​​of the protagonist. So if you want to be a hexagonal warrior, farming is your first priority.

But now we regard “Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin” as a farming game based on this, which is not entirely correct. In addition to studying and farming at home, going out to explore the big map, the ARPG part of collecting materials is also quite fun.

The sense of blow displayed by the game can be called a surprise. With the existence of multiple martial arts, coupled with the ribbon grabbing effect of Lori, the touch of aerial combo was once reminiscent of Devil May Cry.

‍Because the exploration part is presented in the form of 2D horizontal version, the map structure is not complicated, so there is basically no barrier to experience.

It can be said that fighting monsters and farming, the weight of the two are quite comfortable in the game. The former is refreshing and moderately difficult, while the latter is hard-core and rigorous. In fact, for those who have played, “Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin” is a small-scale independent game with only two core development members, and the quality has far exceeded their imagination.

According to an anecdote shared by the producer on social media-before the development of “Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin”, he tried to grow rice on the balcony. After more than two hundred days, I finally got a small bowl of white rice.

‍For this game, the development team took 5 and a half years to make it. As for how to design the specific process of farming, they finally insisted on their own ideas and did not cater to the simple “humanized” design. And on the basis of previous farming games, further explore the fun of this gameplay

I thought “Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin” would be submerged in a sea of ​​new games, but I didn’t expect it to set off a new wave, making the golden sentence “Farming suitable for me” shine again.

It seems that the fruit of hard work is really fragrant.

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