Iron Harvest

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Since its announcement, the real-time strategy game “Iron Harvest”, which has attracted the attention of overhead world and RTS enthusiasts, was officially launched on Steam on September 1.

At present, the average media score of “Steel Harvest” is close to 8 points, and steam evaluation is mostly praised.

What should we do if it is this kind of work with a serious differentiation?

Basic Information

This work developed by German KING Art and released by Deep Silver was born out of a popular board game “Scythe: Digital Edition”, and was created by Polish artist Jakub Rozalski.

It uses a real-time strategy model similar to the company of heroes. In this diesel-punk-style overhead world game, there are three camps in total: Russia and the Soviet Union corresponding to Tsarist Russia, Saxony corresponding to Germany, and the Republic of Poland where you can see the reality contrast at a glance.

The game contains battles in three countries, encounters and multiplayer modes, and is still being updated.

Game BBackground

This work is an overhead battle against the background of 1920+ worldview. The prologue says “The war to end all wars.”

The most intuitive thing players can feel is that the technology tree in this world is quite crooked. Rubber was absent from this world war, and the diesel-punk-style walking mechas played on the tanks.

The protagonist of the game is the Republic of Poland. I believe that friends familiar with history are well aware of the centuries-old feud between the Poles and Russia in the real world, but this time, as the main perspective, Poland has a military strength that can equal the Russians.

In this extraordinary World War I, the Saxon Empire, which had a taste of Germany overflowing the screen, was ready to get involved. The three battles correspond to the stories of the three camps, so I won’t repeat them here.

Game Mechanics

As a real-time strategy game, this game has standard operation and engagement settings.

Operation part

The game adopts the dual resource system of steel and oil. Players can produce resources together with the main camp by occupying the resource buildings on the map. Collecting resource groups scattered on the map is also an important means to gain first-hand advantage in the early stage.

The buildings are divided into barracks, factories and battlefield buildings. As the name suggests, the barracks are responsible for the production and training of infantry, the factory produces and repairs the protagonist’s infantry fighter armor, and battlefield buildings such as barbed wire and bunker are responsible for helping you consolidate your position.

There are no clear technological buildings in the game, and upgrading functional buildings can unlock more advanced units and expand the size of the troops.

Combat part

Similar to “Company of Heroes”, the infantry in this game adopts the form of squad advancement, and the interaction with medical kits or supplies will simultaneously affect the entire squad. The infantry will automatically find the bunkers near the player’s command target, and can enter buildings and operate strategic facilities such as firepower units.

Infantry mecha is a single combat unit, and can easily destroy the fragile bunkers along the route, but they are not invincible against infantry. The thickness of armor varies in different areas, so that there are infantry without heavy firepower. May cause effective damage to it.

The winning mechanism in multiplayer mode and encounters is to capture points and capture the flag, send infantry to occupy strategic locations on the map, or simply and rudely explode enemy bases. The decision is yours.

Game Features

The unit of this work supports the character’s native language dubbing, and it is strongly recommended that players set the dialogue language to Native.

In the prologue of the battle, from the perspective of the Polish hero Anna when she was a child, the novice tutorials on snowball fights and deer hunting will make many players shine.

The relatively real command system of this game prevents soldiers from observing your instructions 100% and has a chance to miss the target. You have little chance of avoiding enemy attacks through micro-manipulation.

As an RTS game, its operating feel can be said to be quite cumbersome. Whether it is a human unit or an inflexible mecha warrior, what you do when the two armies are fighting is more of praying, or watching several groups of people. The pomp of queuing to shoot.

Speaking of viewing, its unique art style and exquisite mechanical settings make the scene of steel and flesh and blood collide with a different kind of romance. Players who don’t mind the text can use the filter function of GeForce to turn on the “paintability” option like the author to get a picture experience that is the same as the original painting style of the game.

As an RTS game, this work actually supports Ansel photo mode natively. As an old screenshot monster, by the way, I will use my experience.

After confirming the shooting subject, pull the lens away and then call out the Ansel mode. By default, the game will blur the target that is too close to the main viewing angle of the game, and the judgment area will change after the lens is removed.

Cancel the selection of troops before shooting. The cursors for selecting troops and commands will not disappear with the UI. I wish you all a happy shooting.

The TTK (kill time) of this work is longer, and the soldiers have a chance to miss, the fighting time will be much longer than other RTS.

Infantry will automatically crawl and evade when encountering fierce firepower like heavy machine guns and artillery, but in this game, the current AOE damage is very high. Two explosives can almost clean a group of infantry. The “grandmother” machine of the Saxon camp The tracking self-explosive unicycle released by A was so effective that it shocked my mother for a whole year.

However, even with such a dramatic slow-paced battle, players can get enough fun while playing. After exploding, F4*2 Z (as opposed to F2A in the “Steel Harvest” version), and then pick up the teacup Appreciating the performance of the Great War of Magic is really fascinating.

BGN score 7.5/10

-Although knowing the clumsiness of the mecha is intentional, it still makes people feel uncomfortable in many cases, until the second of the fight.

-Balance and pathfinding AI still has a long way to go

Not only does it have a good-looking skin, its soul is driven by a diesel engine.

The game is now officially on sale on Steam.

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