“Jian Xia Qing Yuan 3” (referred to as “JX3”) is a 3D martial arts role-playing computer client game developed by Kingsoft Xishanju and operated by Kingsoft. “JX3” relies on terrain and vegetation rendering technology, scene light and shadow special effects and SpeedTree engine special effects to show the traditional Chinese martial arts world. The elements are integrated into the game, showing players a magnificent, magnificent and beautiful Datang world. At the same time, “JX3” uses the physics engine to create a new light game of ACT, bringing players a new game experience.

Game Background

In 745 AD, which was the fourth year of Datang Tianbao, in August of that year, Yang Yuhuan was formally canonized as Concubine Yang, and she began her ten-year favored career. Also in this year, An Lushan was enjoined to see the holy pilgrimage. The prosperity of Chang’an once again stirred up the fire of ambition in his heart, but Tiance Mansion brought him endless shocks. He had never thought about Datang and Such a strong force. In order to achieve his goal, An Lushan persuaded Yang Guozhong to support the Shence Army to suppress Tiance, and at the same time began to secretly organize his own army-the Spike Army. At the same time, what shocked Anlu Mountain was the momentum of the entire Central Plains martial arts. He knew that if he wanted to truly take control of the Central Plains, he must solve the great troubles of the Central Plains martial arts forces. At this moment, a mysterious person walked into the camp of Anlu Mountain. The story of Jianwang 3 also started from this year.

Game Power


The Yinyuan Society may be the most mysterious organization in the world. No one knows when it was established, and no one knows its internal situation. Even many Yinyuan Society members do not know what their organization is like. Because the Yinyuanhui is a one-line connection, each member does not know anyone except his superiors, and the two Yinyuanhui members stand together and never know each other. But in contrast, Yinyuanhui knows almost everything, and you can find Yinyuanhui’s thread anywhere. He can tell you the details of the “Kaiyuan tragic change”, even if it is said that no one escaped in that battle; he can also tell you when and where the largest dart silver will pass, and even the guards are clear; he It can even tell you where the legendary “Sword Saint” is. However, all of this requires you to pay the corresponding price, maybe it is money, maybe it is the secret of martial arts, maybe it is your life, in Yinyuanhui, you can truly understand that the world is really equal.
Everyone in the martial arts dreams of being able to master the Yinyuanhui. They tried every means to coerce and lure, hoping to get the information of the Yinyuanhui. The most promising time was when Tiance Mansion tried its best to follow the vines to catch up to the seventeenth person, but the target was assassinated. The Yinyuanhui also has its own way to warn those who are trying to make their own minds. Once they find that there are sects or individuals that are unfavorable to them, a large amount of secret information about the other party will flow out like water, and no one doubts the authenticity of the information. Because this is provided by Yinyuanhui. After several times, no one tried to inquire the secret of Yinyuanhui, and Yinyuan would continue to exist in people’s lives as if it did not exist at all.

Nine days

There has been such a rumor in Jianghu since ancient times: There is such an organization, all of them are among the best at the time, and if they want to, they can control the world. This organization has only nine people since its inception. There will be no more or no less. When one of them dies, the other eight people will find a suitable person to teach the secret and become a new member. They called their organization-Jiu Tian.

After joining for nine days, everyone will give up their own name in the world and accept their own name. They call themselves the Middle Ancient Nine Heavens, which are Central Juntian, Eastern Cangtian, Northeast Mintian, Northern Xuantian, Northwest Youtian, Western Haotian, Southwest Zhutian, Southern Yantian, and Southeast Yangtian. They usually live in seclusion all over the country, and they will not show up until something major happens in the martial arts. The most recent one is the Guangming Temple incident. No one knows which nine people make up Jiutian, including the Yinyuanhui, which claims to know everything.

Evil and right

Villain valley

Legend has it that the Valley of the Evil has a dangerous terrain, is easy to defend and difficult to attack, and has a large number of agencies, even regular troops can hardly break into the valley. However, the dangerous terrain is not foolproof. In the 20th year of the Kaiyuan Period of the Tang Dynasty, at the strong request of the Tiance Mansion, Tang Xuanzong sent some Shence troops to attack the Valley of the Evil. The other righteous ways of martial arts, under the leadership of Shaolin, followed closely, preparing to annihilate the Valley of the Evil. After the Shence Army and Tiance Mansion paid a lot of casualties, the coalition finally broke into the Valley of the Evil Man, but the result was heavy casualties. This incident was later called the “Kaiyuan Tragedy.” Since then, the integrity of the decent school has been greatly injured, which indirectly caused the Mingjiao invasion in the future. The Central Plains martial arts was unable to stop it. Only the Tang Sect who did not participate and the newly developed gang of beggars stepped forward to stop it, which led to the “Fenghua Valley Battle”. . Soon thereafter, Mingjiao expanded wildly, and the people in the Valley of the Evildoers acted more unscrupulously. Until the 28th year of Kaiyuan of the Tang Dynasty (740 AD), the Haoqi League was established, and the momentum of the Valley of the Evilmen was stopped, and everyone in the Valley was disobedient. , Although he was hit, he was still waiting to go. After the “Kaiyuan tragic change”, no one dared to beat the idea of ​​Evilman Valley, and the name of the ten villains of Evilman Valley became famous.

Haoqi League

After the “Kaiyuan tragic change”, the righteous men in the martial arts felt that it was impossible to fight against the Evil Valley with various factions or short-term coalition forces alone, so they united and formed a powerful alliance. Haoqi League is not a sect, nor is it a gang, so there is no view of the door, and there will be no power struggle. The role of Haoqi League is to contact and organize the heroes of various sects for teamwork. As for the affairs of various sects and gangs, no interference is allowed. The position of the leader of the Haoqi League is not the position of the leader of the world martial arts. With the Haoqi League, the decent power has greatly increased, and the momentum of the rising of Evilman Valley is suppressed. Although the top ten evil men in the Valley of the Evil are strong in martial arts, after all, they lack skills. What’s more, many martial arts masters have been invited to help out this time. The strength is extraordinary. “Seven stars and ten evils” have become a martial arts story for a time.

White and black

Twelve Lianhuanwu began to be just a few water pirates on the edge of the Yangtze River, but since 20 years ago, the “Anger Fantian” Palace proudly picked more than 30 people from Twelve Lianwu within three days and completely removed Twelve Lianwu. After being taken over as a subordinate, Twelve Lianhuanwu first wiped out the Yangtze River Gang that had previously had a feast with him, and then killed all the Baling officials who had come to suppress the bandits. For a time, the momentum rose greatly, and there was a vague leadership of the Central Plains underworld. Gradually, Twelve Lianhuanwu was no longer satisfied with just discussing life on the water, they turned their attention to land. For a time, the major escorts were full of rumblings and panic all day long. Because these escorts are okay to play some small thieves, they have no choice but to face a large-scale force such as Twelve Links. At first they thought of asking for help from Haoqimeng. Of course, Haoqimeng was obliged. But Gong Ao is very cunning and always avoids head-on conflict with Haoqi League. Once there is no Haoqi League’s guards, Twelve Lianhuanwu will often kill all the guards without leaving alive. Although you can’t always ask Haoqimeng for help, the major escorts have also learned a lot from Haoqimeng. Soon, the National Escort Association was established with the lead of the largest Escort in Gyeonggi, Zhenwei Escort. With the support of the alliance and the unified arrangement of guards, the twelve chain has a chance to succeed, but it is obviously much better than before.

Featured System

Martial Arts Overview

Martial arts

Players can find the heads and trainers of various factions to teach martial arts after entering the division. Each of the ten martial arts schools has its own characteristics. Each school practices two inner strength mental methods. The moves and gameplays of different schools are completely different. Switching to the characteristics of their respective inner strengths will have a rich and varied combat gameplay (the beggar has only one mental method) .

Each martial art school has four martial arts routines, each of which has different moves, and each move needs to correspond to a different internal strength and weapon type. For example, in Shaolin’s “cassock surviving magic skills”, the move “to become a Buddha on the spot” requires the assembly of weapons “sticks” and the Shaolin internal power “marrow washing sutra” to be released. There are also some moves that only require martial art, and do not need to assemble a specific internal power.

Assembling different internal powers will produce different effects when using some of the same moves. For example, the Tiance move “Yu” can be released by assembling the Tiance internal power, but after installing the specific Tiance internal power “iron prison law”, in addition to being able to completely resist the upcoming damage, it will also gain an increased parry value. , Demolition value and threat value and other effect bonuses.

Martial arts moves

Multiple moves

There are two ways to obtain the cultivation base. The first type: can be obtained by virtue of related tasks. The second type: You can increase your cultivation by taking medicines. The medicines are Jiuhuayulu Pills and Nayuandan. These two medicines can be obtained through missions or purchased at transaction banks. Press the P key to open the martial arts interface, move the mouse to a certain move icon, and on the pop-up property panel, you can view the current multiplicity of the move and the repair level required to upgrade to the next one.

Move classification

There are active moves and passive moves. Passive moves do not need to be released. As long as certain conditions are met, they can automatically produce effects. Active moves require clicking the move icon or pressing the corresponding shortcut key to release.

Item equipment

In the game, obtaining items and equipment are divided into PVE and PVP series. PVE mainly uses copy drop, life skill manufacturing, accumulation of corresponding prestige in exchange for equipment, as well as arena contribution and chivalry value exchange. PVP mainly collects the prestige of the camp through the faction daily and the offense and defense of the big and small camps in exchange for equipment, and the battle tier points are used to upgrade the battle tier to achieve the exchange conditions. It is worth mentioning that the quality of the equipment that can be exchanged for different battle tiers is also different. . Another way to obtain PVP is to compete for treasure chests every Wednesday and Friday.

Under normal circumstances, the dilapidated gray items are of little use and can be sold directly to the store to earn silver taels. The more advanced items usually have better attributes and higher value, which requires more effort and struggle, and even luck.

Community system

What “JX3” brings to players is not just a single world of martial arts, but more intractable love and hatred. Players will deeply feel the turbulence of martial arts in the game, and their own growth will affect the strength of their own forces and bring players a strong sense of existence.

Mission system

“JX3” has a huge mission system with thousands of different missions to choose from. Players can freely choose their own destiny, improve themselves through tasks, and understand the context of the development of the entire game world. While learning about the game, it also adds a variety of special tasks, as if it is a small game independent in the game world, so that players can enjoy the joy of the task while doing task upgrades.

Living system

Piano, chess, calligraphy, calligraphy, poetry, poetry, the prosperous period of the Tang Dynasty is also the most prosperous period of Chinese culture, players can feel the breath of the prosperous Tang through the unique life skills of “reading” in the game, and appreciate the charm of poetry and poetry. Life, the real feelings of the rivers and lakes, this is also the different experience that life skills in the game will bring to the majority of players.

Meridian system

Each school in “JX3” has two mental methods, corresponding to two different acupoint routes, such as Wanhua’s output and healing route, Chunyang’s long-range output, melee output route, and the light sword of hidden sword , Epee route and so on. There are twelve odd acupoints in each odd acupoint route, and each kind of odd acupoint corresponds to 3 to 4 choices. A knight can obtain the martial arts moves and strengthening effects he wants through different odd holes to achieve the effect he needs.

Get Five Elements Stone

  1. Purchase at the Five Elements Stone Store.
    All knights can buy Level 1 Five Elements Stone from the five element stone merchant “Zeng Xin” in the three major cities.
    Tip: You need to consume gang contribution or faction prestige when buying, and the purchased Five Elements Stone can be traded between players.
  2. Sign in and flop

Sign in in the game every day to flop, and there is a certain chance to flip to the non-tradable bound Five Elements Stone.

Five Elements Stone Refining

The five-element stones circulating in the rivers and lakes are classified according to their color and quality. Of course, the higher the five-element stone, the more valuable it is. If the knights have low-level five-element stones, they can be upgraded through “five-element stone refinement”. Click the five-element stone refinement icon on the right side of the game screen to enter the five-element stone refinement interface.

Five Elements Stone Refining Rules:

(1) Any five-element stone can be refined. At present, the highest level of Five Elements Stone is level 8, and the highest level of Five Elements Stone that can be obtained through refining is level 6.
(2) The material needed for the refining of Wuxingshi is Wuxingshi. Up to 16 Five Elements Stones can be used for refining at a time.
(3) Five elements stone refining may fail, depending on the success rate during refining. The success rate is related to the type, grade, and quantity of the five-element stone used as a building material. The higher the level and number of the five-element stone used as the building material, the higher the success rate.

Equipment refinement

One of the miraculous effects of the Five Elements Stone is that it can improve the quality of weapons and equipment. After using the Five Elements Stone to refine equipment, some attributes of the equipment will be improved to a certain extent, and then the fighting ability of the knights will be improved.

Equipment Welding

The second of the miraculous effect of the Five Elements Stone is to activate the potential capabilities of the weapon. There will be a batch of top-quality equipment in the arena, and this batch of equipment has the five elements stone melting hole. The knights who get this equipment can activate the potential abilities of the equipment as long as the corresponding five-element stone is melted into the equipment.
Five elements activation

All weapons will have a special welded hole, which can only be activated by the welded colored stone. After the activation is successful, the weapon will gain up to 3 additional “five element attributes”.

Mentoring system

Apprentice conditions: Heroes of level 90 and above are eligible to recruit their own apprentices. Every hero has many ways to recruit apprentices.

  1. You can directly right-click the character name in the world channel to accept apprentices;
  2. Look for apprentices in the apprenticeship interface, and the new Xiaoxia will be randomly displayed in the apprenticeship interface;
  3. If there is an apprentice nearby who wants to accept, you can right-click on the other party’s avatar to accept the apprentice, and the system will send a request for apprenticeship to the other party. If the other party agrees, the apprenticeship is successful
  4. Ordinary mentor-disciple relationship, when the apprentice reaches the 90th level, he will automatically go out.
  5. The relationship between directing and apprenticeship. Only one character in a region can have a directing identity. Only one master can worship and two apprentices can be accepted.

Imperial Examination System

The imperial examination system is divided into two parts, the “provincial examination” and the “conference examination.” The provincial examination is a preliminary examination, which any player can take. The examination requires the provincial examination to screen players for promotion.

Imperial examination time:
Provincial test time: Monday 00:00-Sunday 24:00
Test time: Saturday 20:00-Sunday 24:00
List time: Monday 07:00-Monday 24:00

Prison system

The new “prison” system of “JX3” will open a new scene map, which is a mountainous area opened by the government on the outskirts of Luoyang. It is heavily guarded and it is difficult to escape from birth in ordinary ways. In different scenes of the map, there are buildings or objects such as official offices, prisons, tunnels, broken wooden boxes, iron chains, and hooks, as well as wardens, jailers, villains, prisoners and other NPCs of different origins.

Through the prison system, players can freely choose to be good or evil outside the camp and gang. If a player chooses to be evil, he will be enemies of the secular government and all players and experience a unique and exciting life. Players can choose to “assassinate” and become a professional “killer”. The prison system will use “murderous value” as the core to derive a series of trigger events such as “wanted”, “arrest”, “bribery”, and “jail robbery”.

Face pinch system

The character DIY system of “JX3” has realized a leap-forward upgrade from special effects animation to skeletal animation, which greatly improves facial accuracy while personalizing the interpretation of the oriental aesthetic style, so that every eyelash of the knight can be seen. The system uses virtual facial bone technology and provides nearly 50 contour customization options, including the overall facial contour, eyebrow contour, mouth contour, and nose contour and many other detailed adjustments. All options are controlled by sliders, giving players high Freedom to choose.

Pet system

The hundred kinds of pets in “JX3” are an important part of the ecology of the rivers and lakes. They are divided into four categories: aquatic people, beasts, birds and institutions. Each pet has an allusion, and they will get acquainted with the knights through different ways such as world adventures, sect inheritance, and folk festivals. They are not tools for fighting, they have all kinds of interesting interactive performances, and they are good teachers and helpful friends for knights to walk across the rivers and lakes. In addition, all pets have corresponding exquisite cards for the knights to collect, and also record the pet’s rarity, score and interactive skills. The brand-new badge achievement system incorporates interesting allusions such as “Fox Fake Tiger”, “Tortoise and Hare Race”, and the knights can be tamed to a specified type of pet to unlock the corresponding badge. There is also a ranking of friends and pets, allowing the knights to find a new way to be promoted as a winner in life.

City Warfare System

“JX3” open camp city warfare system, through industry-leading engine technology and design concepts, integrated light work, riding vehicle system gameplay in both camps, adding “bowbow machine”, “shen locomotive” and other different types of loading Various types of vehicles are given different attack methods and power feedback, bringing a real sense of operation to the riding knights. At the same time, the knight can further strengthen a certain ability of the equipment through the natural tree, so as to improve the innate advantage of his team in the battle for stronghold. During the battle for the stronghold, all personnel participating in the battle can get a lot of rewards of battle rank and prestige, and finally the gang in the stronghold can train the extremely rare orange mount through the mysterious building.

Treasure Digging System

The carved version of “JX3” reforms the treasure digging system and opens a new treasure digging equipment advancement and growth system. The knight can not only find a variety of precious materials left in the rivers and lakes by digging treasure, but also accumulate fortune and experience, and encounter various strange things during the treasure digging. The knights will have the opportunity to encounter ferocious beasts, bad-hearted thieves, and even dig out the entrance to a special secret realm, and join hands with their friends to perform Raiders of the Lost Ark. Knights who are keen on treasure digging activities will also have the opportunity to obtain tailor-made high-quality “treasure digging suits”. The additional attributes that facilitate the trekking through the mountains and rivers add speed to the adventures of the knights.

Appearance collection system

The carved version of “JX3” opens up the long-awaited appearance collection system for the knights. The knights can choose to put the equipment in the backpack into the closet to unlock the corresponding appearance. At the same time, the wardrobe also provides detailed provenance query and preview functions to facilitate the selection and matching of knights. Even the difficult-to-obtain clothing can be exchanged and unlocked through the “soldier map” obtained by quests and treasure digging. After the appearance is unlocked, the knight will no longer need the original equipment to directly realize the rubbing function, completely liberating the backpack and warehouse. In addition, “JX3” also opened up the function of weapon rubbing, and the knight can rub the appearance of any weapon except the orange weapon and special weapons to obtain a more personalized character performance.

Game evaluation

As the last part of the “Swordsman Love Online Edition” series, it uses super-large-scale terrain and vegetation rendering technology, excellent scene lighting and special effects, Normal Map and SpeedTree and other advanced computing techniques to interpret Chinese traditional culture in full 3D. And integrate a variety of elements with traditional Chinese cultural characteristics into the game, showing players a magnificent, magnificent and gorgeous Datang world.

In general, “Jianwang 3” is indeed a very good domestic online game. Whether it is the picture, music, or skill fighting, etc., fans can like the work in a short time. The only thing that feels unsatisfactory is the movement of the characters. If you can improve this aspect, a lot of players will be delighted. In addition, if you want to make the picture more realistic, you can’t just go after it, just natural is enough.

The quality of “JX3” is directly proportional to its expected value. It has unique characteristics of Chinese classical martial arts in all aspects. It is very easy to operate, and it is very in line with the operating habits of mainland players. It also incorporates a large amount of ancient Chinese culture. The game, including meridians, classic ancient books, etc., has successfully surpassed the overwhelming kimchi model, and can be said to be a successful work in the domestic independent research and development of online games.

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