League of Legends

Strategy Game

“League of Legends” (LOL for short) is a hero versus MOBA competitive online game developed by Riot Games and operated by Tencent Games in mainland China.

There are hundreds of individual heroes in the game, and has a ranking system, rune system and other characteristic development systems.
“League of Legends” is committed to promoting the development of global e-sports. In addition to linking various competition areas to develop professional leagues and building an e-sports system, it also holds three “Mid-Season Championships”, “Global Finals”, and “All Star All-Star Games” every year. World-class competitions have formed their own unique e-sports culture.

In 2018, “League of Legends” joined the Asian Games. On November 21, 2019, the League of Legends issued the “Announcement on Lowering the Honor Level of Violating Players”. Violating players will be lowered their honor level and their season reward qualifications will be cancelled. In July 2020, League of Legends will start the anti-addiction mode for minors, and minor professional players will have independent event accounts.

League of Legends background

Runelands and Magic
In Runeland, magic is everything.
Here, magic is not just a mysterious concept of energy. It is a materialized substance that can be guided, shaped, shaped and manipulated. The magic of Runeterra has its own laws of nature. The result of random changes in source ecological magic changes the laws of science.
There are several continents in Runeland, but all life is concentrated in the largest magical continent-Valoran. Valoran Continent is located in the center of Runeland and is the continent with the largest area of Runeland.

There is a large amount of ecological magic energy in the blessed runeland, and the residents here can touch the energy in it. The central area of Runeterra concentrates a huge amount of source ecological magic energy. These places are ideal locations for the crystal hub. The crystal hub can shape the source energy into its own physical existence. In addition, the crystal hub can also become an energy workshop, supplying energy for buildings that require magical energy. Crystal hubs are scattered throughout Runelands, but the largest crystal hubs are located in the mainland of Valoran.

The history of League of Legends

It wasn’t until twenty years ago that Runeterra was free from the chaos of war. The people on this continent have been accustomed to fighting in groups and using war to resolve disputes since ancient times. No matter when, the tool of war is always magic.
The army armed itself with spells and runes, and the heroes created most of the magic items and led the troops to fight each other. Summoners, the actual leaders of Valoran, they frantically use magical energy to attack enemy troops and supporters. They have almost unlimited use of primitive magic power, and have never considered what kind of disaster the endless abuse of magic will bring to the environment of this continent.

However, the endless abuse of magic in the past 200 years has allowed the people of Valoran to see the fragile status of Runeterra. The last two rune wars severely affected the geological environment of Valoran, although people tried to gather magical energy to restore the catastrophic consequences, but they were useless. The violent earthquake and terrifying magical storm made Valoran tremble. For people, this fear far exceeds the horror of war. People finally realized that the world could not bear the destruction of the War of Runes. In response to the deteriorating political and economic crisis in the world, Valoran’s archmages-including many powerful callers-reached a consensus that all conflicts must be handled in a controlled and systematic manner.

They set up an organization called the “League of Legends” to monitor Valoran’s political disputes in an orderly manner. The League of Legends located in the War College has been successively authorized by Valoran’s political entities. This organization will manage and dispose of the results of all political disputes. The League of Legends has decided that all major political disputes must pass through special establishments in Valoran. The arena to deal with. Summoners with different political views each summon a hero, and these heroes lead unminded minions to fight. These minions are made by the junior summoners through the summoning node.

Featured System

Battle system

Game related interface:

  • Classic mode: The classic Summoner Canyon mode, with the goal of destroying the opponent’s crystal hub, the Twisted Jungle has only 6 players and two soldiers.
  • Dominate the battlefield: A game mode based on competing for points on the map.
  • Polar Brawl: Everyone randomly selects heroes. There is only one line of soldiers on the map. Only after death can they return to the base for supplies and consumption.
  • Six kill mode: 12 players are divided into 6V6 duel mode.
  • Unlimited firepower: All hero skills have zero consumption, and the CD of all skills has been greatly reduced.
  • Doomsday man-machine: a mode where players fight against computers with extremely high IMBA skills.
  • Ascension mode: The mode of competing for the ascendant among the crystal scars, the player who becomes the ascendant will be greatly enhanced.
  • Poro Fight: Fight around the Poro King in the Howling Abyss, and the team that summons the Poro King will increase in combat strength.
  • Clone Battle: After you vote for the hero you want to use, your team will use that hero to fight.
  • Mirror mode: After both parties vote to choose the hero they want to use, everyone will use that hero to fight.
  • Black Market Fight: Players can use the special gold coins in this mode to hire special soldiers and purchase special items.
  • Mutual selection and enlistment: Same as the enlistment mode, but the difference is that you have to use the hero designated by the opponent to play the game.
  • Rotating game mode: A special game mode will be opened every once in a while. (Unlimited firepower, doomsday man-machine, ascension mode, etc. are included)
  • Infinite firepower mode: Open from June 28 to July 23, 2018, the upper limit of all hero levels is increased to 30. Players use the three avatars of “Heart Blasting”, “Orbital Laser” and “Manatee Ghost” to play the game , Will also provide players with additional kill effects.
  • Monster Invasion: This is a brand-new map, smaller than the polar chaos, five players fight small monsters to break through, and finally empty the blood of the BOSS to be considered a victory.
  • Butcher’s Bridge: A series of modified gameplay modes have been added on the basis of the original Polar Brawl, such as the addition of a ban mechanism and the addition of the Summoner skill “Retrospect”.
  • Genting Game: A turn-based strategy game mode, officially launched on the Chinese server on June 27, 2019 (version 9.13).

Matching system

The purpose of the matching system is as follows, with priority from high to low:

  • Protect novices from being abused by experienced players; make no novices in the master game.
  • Create competitive and fair game matches to maximize the game fun for players.
  • There is no need to wait too long to find an opponent to enter the game.
  • The matching system does its best to match players with close levels. The level of players is based on who they have won before and the level of their opponents.


When your account reaches level 30 and you have at least 20 heroes, you can participate in the ranked match.
Pre-selection mode:

Different from the previous draft mode, in the pre-selection mode, you can select 2 of the 6 positions (top lane, jungle, mid lane, bottom lane, assist, and fill), and enter the queue after confirming. Both sides can ban 10 heroes, each bans one person; the first floor of the blue side picks first, then the red side 1st and 2nd floor chooses people, and then the blue side 2nd and 3rd floor chooses people, according to this Z-shaped selection. Both players enter the game after the selection is complete.

Buddy System

  • In the lower left corner of the game platform interface, you can see the reduced icon of the friend list, and the number of current friends online can be seen in the icon; after clicking it, your friend list interface will pop up.
  • Idle state: It means that the summoner is in an idle state; in the game friend list, the green button displayed behind the name of the idle summoner or friend.
  • Busy state: It means that the summoner is in the game, matchmaking or team waiting list; in the game friend list, the yellow button displayed behind the name of the summoner or friend in the busy state.

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