Left 4 Dead 2

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Left 4 Dead 2 is a zombie-themed horror survival game developed by Valve and released on November 18, 2009.
The game story takes place at almost the same time as the original. It will present the arduous journey of four other survivors struggling to survive in the four scenes where zombies are rampant. The location and time background are consistent with the current L4D, except that the characters are new and the scenes are On the other plane in the same place, new zombies, new melee weapons, new weapons against zombies and chainsaws will also appear in the enemy.

Background Setting

The story of this game takes place in the southeastern United States a week after the story of the previous game, including Savannah in Georgia and the French Quarter of New Orleans. The game has five chapters and one DLC, including (Dead Center) and (The Passing) , (Dark Carnival), (Swamp Fever), (Hard Rain) and (The Parish).

(Dead Center)

Immediately after the game animation, the four were unable to catch the helicopter that evacuated the survivors in the hotel Tianzhongtai. Only try to find a way to escape from a nearby shopping mall used as a second evacuation point. When the four arrived at the shopping center, they realized that the place was already occupied by the infected. They used a sports car to escape from the shopping center and head towards New Orleans.

(The Passing)

After the four people escaped from the shopping mall in a sports car, they passed a suspension bridge, and they needed to reach the opposite bank to lower the suspension bridge before they could move on. And here they meet three protagonists of the generation, and another old soldier, Bill, has died (but it seems that Louis is missing from the poster).

(Dark Carnival)

When the sports car drove to the highway, it was found that the road was blocked by the wreckage of the car. It had to walk through the playground and use the stage fireworks and lights in the playground to attract the attention of the helicopter.

(Swamp Fever)

After boarding the helicopter, the four found that the pilot was infected, and the helicopter crashed at a nearby railway station. The four who survived crossed a swamp and took shelter in a nearby plantation. In the plantation, the four people contacted the captain of a ship by radio.

(Hard Rain)

The four wanted to go to New Orleans, but the captain said the ship did not have enough fuel to go. So the four of them went to a nearby gas station in search of diesel during the heavy rain.

(The Parish)

With the help of the captain, the four finally arrived in New Orleans. On the face of it, the military was still evacuating the survivors, but when the four arrived at the evacuation point, it was discovered that the military was preparing to bomb the bridge to prevent the virus from spreading further. The last four succeeded in getting rid of a large number of infected people, and escaped into a safe area before the bridge was blown up.

Scene Map

No matter which map in the game is, it is full of buildings, and the overall style is dark. The game map adopts seamless settings, and once loaded, there will be no other waiting situations.

The group of four survived because they were immune. They searched the city and came to the roof of a building. Then he encountered the rescue helicopter and immediately began a survival journey of three parts of a dozen battle maps; each time he fled, he got closer and closer to a US military base in the north.

The battle map in the game can also be used in cooperative mode. In single player mode, players can only control one character and the other three are AI, while in cooperative mode, four players fight together.

Featured System

Game mode

“Left Left 2” in addition to retaining the old three modes, updated “scavenger mode” and “realistic mode”.

In the game, the player has to cooperate with other survivor characters (a total of four people) to escape the virus-infected area and fight the infected along the road. On the way to escape, the player needs to activate some mechanisms on the map so that the survivors can move on, but this will cause a large number of infected people to come. In “Left to Survive 2”, after some of the agencies are activated, the infected will continue to attack, and the survivors need to activate another agency to stop the attacks of the infected.

Scavenger mode

In the scavenger mode, players are divided into two groups, survivors and infected. The survivors should try their best to collect oil drums within a limited time and put the gasoline into the gasoline collecting device (such as generators, sports cars, etc.). The infected will prevent survivors from collecting oil drums. When both parties have played the infected and survivors respectively, the round will end, and the team that collects the most barrels (or takes the least time) wins. In the scavenger mode, the acid squirted by the vomiters among the infected can destroy the oil drum.

Realistic mode

The goal of the realistic mode is the same as that of the battle mode. The survivors must flee to a safe place.
In the realistic mode, teammates’ damage will be higher, and the glowing outlines of teammates and objects will disappear. Players will not resurrect after death. They must enter the next level to resurrect. Players must shoot to kill ordinary infected persons. Its head. This makes the game more challenging.

Mutation mode

The mutation mode is a variety of special game modes provided by the official DLC. The modes and usage methods are introduced here. The official version opened with the upgrade shall prevail. The higher version can use all the modes previously opened, so having the latest version of the game is king. .

Combat system

In the game, when the player leaves the safe house, he will face countless infected people. The player needs to survive as much as possible until the end is reached. In the battle, the player will be knocked down and stunned by the infected, or even knocked out if it is on the edge of the building. If the player’s blood volume is too low, you can find a first aid kit in a nearby building to heal yourself. If your teammate has a first aid kit, you can also help the player to heal through communication. When encountering ordinary infected persons, their weakness lies in their heads; players with precise operations can directly kill with headshots. These are only for ordinary infected persons. If it is a special infected person, headshots will only increase the damage by 4 times. Will kill with one hit. Shooting tanks and witches on the head will not get extra damage, but in the difficulty above the difficulty, shooting the witch’s body will suffer less damage.

Game Reviews

“Legend of Survival 2” depicts the survivors and the environment more realistically and has a more distinctive personality. The powerful HUD makes the nervous movements easier to understand, and the entire game maintains the rhythm of a B-level movie. The picture is not his specialty, but it can still be regarded as a product with very good visual effects. The overall sound effect is outstanding, reminding the player to wait for the zombie BOSS, the sound of the weapon and the moaning and screaming to create an atmosphere, and the character narration is somewhat exaggerated.

“Legend of Survival 2” loses some of the dark, creepy atmosphere of the original, and it is these factors that make the original stand out. The gloomy feeling and terrifying sound effects of the city are gone forever. It was replaced by sunny southern cities. “Legend of Survival 2” lacks the element of shock, and loses some of the original flavor. Adding some lightning, thunder, wind, rain and snow may be a good supplement.

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