Second Extinction

Action Game

“Second Extinction” is a very exciting 3-player cooperative FPS game based on a team. Players can fight with dinosaurs in the game and will form a team to eliminate a large number of terrible mutant dinosaurs. Fight in the vortex of bullets, bombs, teeth, claws, and blood, and it’s up to you to take back the earth! It is reported that this work also supports XSX’s newly added “smart distribution” function, purchase a game to enjoy the game between Xbox platforms. This game has been exposed at Microsoft’s Inside Xbox live event a few days ago. The work will also land on the PC, and players can now apply for the Beta test version.

In order to join the test, the player himself needs to recruit another player to join. If you hire more than one person, you will get some rewards.

Players can register here to join “War Support” and get a free forum avatar. If a player recruits a friend, they can get a chance to enter the beta, and if they recruit three players, they can also get a nameplate. If you let 5 players participate, you can get a weapon skin, if you successfully recruit 7 players, you will get a special expression in the game.

Game Introduction

“Second Extinction” is an online first-person shooter game that introduces dinosaur elements. The Steam Early Access version will provide four heroes, ten weapons (5 upgrades), and six missions in seven regions. As a multiplayer collaborative game, “Second Extinction” supports up to three people online. The player’s goal is to eliminate the mutated dinosaurs occupying the earth. Because of the “weakness”, teamwork between players is essential.

Game Features

Intense three-person cooperative game-the earth has been occupied by mutant dinosaurs! Form a team with two resistance fighters and retake the territory in a short but intense battle.

Fight fiercely with mutant monsters-these dinosaurs are nothing like what is described in history books. From charged raptors to giant Tyrannosaurus rex, these deadly creatures have evolved into the ultimate killing machine.

Experience spectacular and exciting actions-combine unique weapons and abilities to obtain unimaginable effects and fight against powerful enemies

Work together-the player’s own actions, together with other members of the community, will determine the direction of the battle against the dinosaurs.

“Second Extinction” will land on the Xbox Series X and Xbox One platforms in 2021.

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