LOL: It has been confirmed that 10 heroes will have new skins. Unpopular hero players are crying

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Unknowingly, LOL’s national service has been around for 9 years. Do you know how many heroes are there in the League of Legends today? Counting Yongen, the number is 150. If a hero wants to produce a new skin, it actually has to go through many steps and consider many things, such as appearance, actions, skill effects, and even some skins have special stories. The workload of a skin is actually very large. If the number is multiplied by 150, it is even more predictable.

Therefore, some unpopular heroes have not been able to get skin updates for a long time. The leading company announced some news about skins, which can be summarized as follows.

Number of skins in 2020

In Fist’s plan, the number of new skins in 2020 should be 120, but the progress is better than expected, and it may reach 140. Compared with the past, the number can be said to be a new high.

Comment: This year, there are many skins that are impressive, such as the skins of the Soul Lotus series, which brought players into a fantasy world, and therefore brought out the launch of Yongen. Judging from the total number, it is actually very large, and everyone will understand after counting. The total number of new skins is 140 and the number of heroes is 150, which means that every hero will have a new skin. And next year, as the number of heroes increases, the amount of skin design will be greater, which is a big challenge for fists.

Heroes who will get new skins

A total of 10 heroes will get new skins, many of which are rare heroes. Seeing this arrangement, players of unpopular heroes tear up their eyes and finally wait for the new skins. Some skins have actually been seen by everyone, such as the Titan of the Conqueror, so they are not counted in it. Among these heroes who did not get a new skin, Ornn should belong to the poorest one.

Because other heroes, many of them are unpopular heroes, such as Ice Bird, Scorpion, etc. In the high-end game, there may be top masters who focus on these unpopular heroes, and they have a unique understanding. However, for the majority of ordinary players, these heroes rarely play and are hard to come across. If the popularity is low, the skin will naturally be less. This is actually quite normal. Even if there is no skin, everyone will not feel any special.

However, Aoun is a well-known popular hero. Whether in ranking or professional competition, Aoun’s popularity is much higher than the aforementioned unpopular heroes. From the data point of view, the number of appearances of Aoun in the LPL Summer Games has 122 times. In ordinary games, Aoun’s appearance rate is 0.33%, which is still a common type. However, Aoun, which was launched in August 2017, has only one skin for the Thunder Lord.

Within 3 years, Aoun “controls the thunder and lightning” in Summoner’s Canyon, used his ultimate move to play many wonderful team battles, but the treatment was only one skin, which can be said to be quite miserable.

Fortunately, Aoun has received official attention. The new skins of these 10 heroes should be available to everyone within this year. There are still three months before the end of the year, and the workload of the 10 skins is actually not too large. Although there are many variables, the official plan may not always catch up, but from the comparison of time and tasks, players can still look forward to the new skins of these heroes.

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