LOL Samira’s skills are no longer new, and the background story is the key point. How did the right eye be blind?

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The newest hero of LOL is Samira. I believe many players have already seen her skills. On the whole, her passive is the more distinctive feature. The higher the rating, the higher the movement speed bonus, which makes the player shine. Another point is that her W skill’s unique mechanism can be destroyed. After dropping the projectile and encountering a skill similar to that of the policewoman’s ultimate move, Samira didn’t need to be afraid. Although she has not officially launched yet, the skills are no longer new.

However, what many people have not noticed is that the LOL official also updated the background story about Samira. The whole story looks a little longer, we can summarize it into the following points.

Growth experience

From the official story, Samira’s growth experience can be divided into the following stages:

Samira lives in Amakra and her parents are street performers; she witnessed the murder of villagers when she was a child, which was very touched; she fled to Noxus and joined the battle group there; she performed well in the army and has excellent martial arts. After the battle group was disbanded, her reputation gradually became louder, constantly performing tasks and then breaking through herself.

Comment: Samira’s skills are very interesting, giving her extremely strong fighting ability, running fast, and the skills are destructive; and in the background story, Samira is a very strong person who constantly breaks through himself, although She is a female, but her temperament is extremely strong, which is inseparable from her growing up experience. Looking at her appearance and skills against the background story, the two are very consistent, and there is no sense of contradiction.

Weapon and right eye

From the outside, Samira has two weapons: a gun and a knife. How did they come from? There is actually an explanation in the background story: Samira has participated in the legion and she is a soldier. Guns and knives are actually symbols of soldiers. So, how is Samila’s right eye blind? During the battle to rescue Captain Indali, Samira’s eyes were severely damaged, so she was blind, and finally put on a blindfold.

Comment: After reading Samira’s backstory, I believe the players will feel something in their hearts. Samira is no longer just a pure game character, but a flesh-and-blood character. She also has her own joys, sorrows, sorrows, and passions, and the image of the entire hero becomes fuller. Therefore, Samila’s fighting ability is super strong, which is inseparable from her own experience.

Noxian style

Samira actually belongs to Noxus. If everyone observes, they will find a phenomenon: All the heroes of Noxus seem to be combat effective and more “fierce”. Advocating force, physical damage is inevitable, so you can see that many of the heroes belonging to Noxus have a certain degree of disability on their bodies. This is not to ridicule these heroes, but to illustrate these heroes. They all have the same appearance characteristics, and if you encounter new heroes in the future, you may be able to judge their power from this point.

For example, apart from Samira, Kled’s right eye is also blind, and Crow’s left hand is broken. From this perspective, the heroes of Noxus are really awesome. The atmosphere brought by the background story is the same as their play in the game, very intense.

If Samira appeared in the opponent’s hero, what hero would you use to deal with it?

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