LOL’s new equipment icon is released, highlighting an abstract, if you can recognize all of them, you’re really good

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Although the players in the LOL national server have not yet felt it, Summoner’s Canyon is actually undergoing changes quietly, because the S10 season is coming to an end. After the League of Legends, there will be many changes in the gameplay, such as the change in the cooling time calculation method, and the change in the equipment icon. Let’s focus on the latter.

In the LOL test suit, a series of new equipment icons have been released. Compared with the current equipment, it can be said to be “unrecognizable”.

New equipment icon

Comment: Looking at it as a whole, the changes to the equipment icon this time can be described as huge. If you want to use one word to describe it, it is “abstract”.

Some of the icons have not been changed. I believe players will know after careful identification. For example, the Scarlet Blade is still the original “recipe”; another example is the Blue Knife, with only minor changes. The general appearance and color scheme are actually It has not undergone major revisions, and it is also easier to identify.

But other equipment has undergone a relatively large change, which is more reflected in the difference in style.

Even a lot of equipment can’t recognize what its prototype equipment is. I believe you will understand by giving a few examples. For example, if the order is from left to right from top to bottom, the equipment in the fourth row and fifth column is a bit incomprehensible. I don’t know what it is, whether it’s a small piece of equipment or a large piece of equipment. Haven’t seen it, maybe it’s a new piece of equipment.

For example, in the ninth and tenth columns of the fifth row, the two sword-like weapons are a bit incomprehensible. There seem to be many sword-shaped weapons in LOL, but these two pieces of equipment are new to the player. Things, shapes and colors are all the first time I see it.

It can be said that the emergence of new equipment is a test of everyone’s eyesight. If you can recognize them all, then you are really amazing.

Is it necessary to change?

The huge change in the style of the game equipment has to make people think of a question: Is it necessary for a large number of changes in the appearance of the equipment? The answer is yes, and the reason is not difficult to understand.

First of all, the discomfort caused by the change in the appearance of the equipment is actually only temporary. In the early days, players may still spit out crazy, but as long as you play a few games, everyone will get used to it, and immediately treat this equipment shape as a common and common thing. After all, the equipment in LOL is not always the same. The earliest equipment and the current equipment are actually very different in appearance, and adaptation requires a process.

Players should be able to understand this feeling if they wear glasses. It is extremely uncomfortable to get the new glasses, but it will be fine in a few days. The new equipment is similar.

In addition, only new things can retain players. The term liking the new and disgusting the old seems to contain a derogatory meaning, but in fact, most players have similar psychology. Playing the same game too much, watching the same heroes and equipment too much, will definitely produce a sense of visual fatigue. Once the game loses its freshness, the player’s interest will inevitably decrease. At this time, the best way is to change the LOL, and the innovation of the equipment appearance is a good way.

Of course, the new season’s equipment is not only as simple as appearance changes, but also different in attributes. I believe you have heard about mythical equipment.

How many of these equipment icons can you recognize?

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