LOL’s new hero Samira’s hidden mechanism is shocking

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As the evergreen tree of e-sports games, the League of Legends is able to keep the balance of the game while continuously launching new heroes. It is really admired by many players and industry insiders.

Recently, there have been news that LOL will launch a new hero, and finally meet the players-Samira.

With the announcement of the hero, the chief designer of League of Legends also announced a special hidden mechanism about Samira.

Samira’s mocking expression ctrl+2 will throw a coin, and the number of gold coins will be -1. If there is an enemy unit in front of it, it will cause 1 damage. But since it has damage, will it enjoy both talent and equipment bonuses?

Chief designer MarkYetter said that it is true. It can trigger runes such as comets and conquerors while causing 1 point of damage. What an interesting setting.

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